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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Passion Fruit Curd

"Mumma You love  passion fruits right?", my 10 year concluded one day.  Ok so  I love  passionfruits and its something you can get  easily here in Maldives, sadly  our passionfruit vine that my husband and I were trying to grow on our balcony back fired when  we discovered a rat had invaded the  vine and chewed off most of the leaves and was planning to use it to build a home on our balcony. We freaked out  and have taken all the plants downstairs much to my mum's delight .

Anyway, I have become partial to passionfruit curd.  I love it on pavlovas , spread on victorian sponge cake instead of the usual jam  or even on its own.  I used a recipe for lemon curd which I found in  Williams and Sonoma  Tools and Technique book and used passionfruit juice instead of lemon juice.

Recipe: Passionfruit Curd  

2 egg yolks and 2 whole eggs
125 ml juice extracted from  about 3-4 passionfruit
90g butter, cut into cubes
1 cup sugar

Mix sugar, passionfruit juice and eggs in a metal bowl . Whisk till mixed well.

Place the mixture over  a pan of simmering water ( do not let the bowl touch the water ) . Add butter cubes  a couple at a time and then  after finishing  mixing up butter  stir till the  mixture thickens and coats the back of the spoon. If you draw a line using your finger across the coated spoon the line should stay.

Remove the bowl and strain through a sieve and pour into a bowl or jug and let it cool and the place in fridge to set for  about 2 hours.

Pour into a clean  jar , place lid and store in fridge till needed.


  1. Wonderful! The aroma of passionfruit is just hard to resist. The curd looks so creamy and smooth.

  2. I love passion fruits and havent had it for long now... Have you tried it is tea? I was served once and it was so good! Still hunting for it. Never tried making lemon curd ... there is a whole array of recipes that I want to try and this one is also in there...

  3. I have never found passion fruit here, and my memory of having them was when I was a child, my aunty had a huge tree in her backyard, and she had given me a ripe one, but I really didn't like it. Now seeing through a few recipes, I wouldn't mind trying my hand on it again! I hope that rat has gone away, I wouldn't know how to handle that freaky animal!

  4. I love passion fruit too! Am planning to make some curd too!

  5. Yummm, it looks so delicious!

    But why aren't you using some tool to make recipe cards for your recipes?
    Here is a good one:

  6. what a wonderful way to use local fruits and so sorry about the naughty rat.

  7. It sounds so exotic for me, the idea of growing passion fruits on the balcony (minus the rats :) ) I can rarely buy them here, but when I do find them I always get one or two and just eat them as they are, I love their flavor. I would love to try this curd!

  8. Amazing and delicious !! I love passionfruit!!


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