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Monday, July 31, 2017

Turtle Conservatory In Lh. Naifaru

"Guess what we had for breakfast today",  my sister in law and her hubby exclaimed as we headed for the beach  when were were staying in Naifaru last March. " Dhatha served turtle meat. ". "Its was good like beef!" I cringed , didnt want to know how it tasted at all.  There are few things that I cross the line when it came to food, fertilised  duck eggs  , Foi gras,  bugs and now of course turtle. I remember eating turtle eggs when I was a kid , didn't mind them but now after seeing them and hearing about the fate of most of them I had no desire to eat them in any form.  What I found ironic or even hypocritic was  while people in the island eat turtle meat,  there was a turtle conservatory  at the corner of the island.

We visited the conservatory the previous time we went to Naifaru , that time there was a local guy who showed us around. This time around there were 4 expatriate volunteers who were working tirelessly when we visited .

this guy seems to be doing some stretches 

 There were cute little baby turtles that had hatched and were being taken care of till they were able to survive on their own and then they will  be sent out into the sea.

cute isnt he

Then there were  ones who they had saved or rather the fisherman had saved and brought to the sanctuary.  Two of them had lost  one of their flippers, (most probably from being caught in a net or even the junk that gets thrown in the sea) and were kept suspended  in the water with strings so they floated on top. They were rehabilitating them until they  can survive and then set off to sea. The rehabilitation process can take a few months to  an year it seems.

this poor guy lost one flipper 

Tourists who visit  the Lhaviyani atoll resorts visit the conservatory. I hope after reading this locals will also visit and take kids to see the place. Sadly they no longer have any local volunteers .  Its a good place to show kids what can happen to sea creatures when they throw plastic and other junk into the ocean.

spot the junk! this is a photo  I took near the jetty area. 

Speaking of Locals, I was flipping channels the other night and happened to come across this local song by a local band Detune. And I have to say it kinda grows on you  and its  a lot like Pharell William's Happy, you can check it out here , its pretty catchy and kinda cheers you up after a long day.


  1. Hard for the turtles. My MIL loves turtle meat in turtle soup which is a delicacy down South. They are harvested humanely-but still...

  2. I was shocked when I read that people consume even turtle meat!!! I always have only heard about how to save them, conserve and protect! What has the world come to! I can never bring myself to try any other meat not even quail eggs! lol. I find it too cute to eat. This post about junk in the sea - I am with you. Even here, after BBQ by the sea side, they throw all the waste into the water - who in right mind at this age and time would want to do that? I feel guilty even to drop a wrapper down - and here people just dump their plastic plates and spoons and bags - Educating is one thing, practicing another!


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