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Friday, July 28, 2017

Quick Tuna And Vegetable Pasta

It can get pretty hot here in Maldives and  on such days I try to make quick meals so I don't end up heating up our home ( our home is an apartment in my parents house, we( my sisters and I) all have our own little apartment with my parents living in the ground floor, and each having our own kitchens.)

Now this quick and easy  recipe is  pretty easy on your wallet too, you can use penne, fussili or even bowtie pasta  any short pasta is fine. Canned tuna is household staple in Maldives,  frozen veg such as brocolli or peas (even canned peas is fine), and a jar of cream cheese spread.

Recipe : Quick Tuna And Vegetable Pasta

Serves about 4

about 3 cups penne or  any short pasta
water and salt to cook the pasta
2-3 heaped teaspoons of  cream cheese spread
nice big pinch of freshly ground black pepper
1/4 -1/2 tsp red chilli flakes
finely grated clove of garlic , two if small
1 can of tuna, drained and flake  in to large bits
1/2 cup frozen or canned peas
a few brocolli florets, blanched if  fresh or thawed if using frozen (optional)
salt to taste

Cook pasta till aldente', in boiling salted water.

Remove 1/3 cup of cooking liquid and drain the rest and return the pasta in to pot .

 Add  all the ingredients except salt and mix and place it back on the stove over a low heat.

Add a little pasta cooking liquid, a little at a time until you get a nice  sauce like consistency coating the  pasta, taste , add salt if needed . Serve immediately.


  1. Easy, peasy and so tasty...a wonderful weekday meal, Nammi.

  2. Che brava e sicuramente che buona la pasta col tonno!!!
    Buona giornata

  3. Just the meal I would love, if B would have tuna... :/ I always have canned tuna at home and cook only when he is not around for dinner...

    1. My boys love canned tuna would happily eat straight from the can itself

  4. A simple and delicious recipe, and the only way I can get my kids to eat tuna is in a pasta dish. :) I loved reading about the way you live, just a few lines but it somehow gives me a bit of a feeling about somebody else's life. It's like going on a walk in a town in the evening and having a look inside other people's living rooms or kitchens, it's maybe not so polite to do it, but I love it. :)

  5. Such a simple and lovely recipe! I always have canned tuna on hand :)


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