Saturday, June 10, 2017

Tropical Fruit Salad

"Mom,  coach said to bring fruit tomorrow  !."   My now 10 year old was very excited  with this new change into his daily swimming work out.
 Apparently the coaches are trying to get  newly appointed junior and senior squads of their swimming club  to start a healthy lifestyle and  asked the kids to bring a fruit to eat after work out everyday. The one who doesn't bring has to do an extra set of laps , (depending on the kids ability).  In my experience with my boys, I think the best way to get kids to eat fruits is to avoid the sugary foods such as sweets and  all during the first few years and introduce fruits with no sweets or chocolates for treats.
 My hubby, who recently did an online nutrition  course, also commented how  one can consume the 5 a day fruit concept, my answer fruit salad!.  Its a great way to have cut fruit in hand and its good for both kids and adults a like.  So during this Ramadhan month, why not give the sugary  dessert a miss for one day and serve a healthy fruit salad instead.  I know I used lychee from a can here but still the rest of them is something that's available around here. If not just substitute with something else, like ripe yellow star fruit  instead of pine apple and see how it tastes ....

Recipe : Tropical Fruit Salad

150g payaya , peeled  seeded and cut into cubes
175g pineapple , peeled and cut into cubes
150g mango,( peeled and sliced thickly)
1 can of lychee or rambutan
2 passion fruit
2 tsp sugar or honey
juice of 1/4- 1/2 lime.

Place all the fruit in a bowl, except the passion fruit and lime juice.

In a separate bowl , scoop out the flesh of the passion fruit , squeeze in the lime and mix in the sugar or honey.  Add a tiny pinch of salt and add  pour over the prepared fruit and mix with a spoon.

Chill for an hour and serve. Stores well for 1-2 days in the fridge and serve with yogurt.


  1. We eat lots of fruit too, okay, my husband eats lots of fruit...he wouldn't touch his salad if there ain't fruit in it and breakfast is usually homemade bread with FRUIT..your fruit salad looks like a perfectly light and delicious after workout snack and dessert too.

  2. The fruit salad looks delicious Nammi, and I love when there is lychee in it...
    Have a great weekend :)

  3. Happy Fasting to you & family, Nammi ! This should be perfect to chill everyone down during fasting season. Watermelon even better... haha....
    Blessings, Kristy


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