Thursday, April 6, 2017

Holiday in Singapore!

Fresh produce at Tekka Centre
     This is a long over due post. I am always the one who arranges the holidays and trips for the family, So last year my hubby comes home and says that he is planning to participate in this conferance in Singapore and wants us to go with him since its just the last week of the school before the holidays.
 After much secrecy, the boys were kept in the dark, we planned it out. The teachers were informed and since it was last week there werent any studies to miss so it wasn't a problem.

Boys found out on the day we left, were literally jumping  up and down with excitement.  I was a bit scared at first, because Singapore is known to be pretty expensive and this is the first time after a long time I will be doing most of the travelling around a country alone with the boys so I was praying I didn't get lost.

We booked a family  room at Parc Sovereign Hotel on Albert street, as it was near to the Hospital ,where hubby had his conference.   The room was small but nice and clean and with a nice quite pedestrian street. The famous Bugis street market was just 5 -8 minute walk and there were 3 MRT train stations just walking distance near the hotel.We each had a ezlink card, little one didn't need one and much to his embaressment was to be carried while going through the gate,LOL.  With the help of  a few apps and, I was able to find  delicious halal food , and I have to say there were plenty of choices.  One of our favorites was  I Am .... on  Haji Lane and ZamZam in Kampong Glam.

Delicious drinks at I Am.. Cafe'

    The first day was a bit of a walk as hubby and I tried to figure out how to walk towards the museum ,which according the google map was just 10 minute walk but which ended to a half an hour walk ,as we ended up taking the wrong direction and arrived  tired and annoyed. But the cool air inside the museum  cooled us off . It was nice  in the museum , the little one got a little bored but little guy  enjoyed  it , but both were tired due to lack of sleep from travelling the night before so we headed back to hotel.

Ok  Now , I have to say getting around singapore was so much easier than I thought and people were really helpful, especially being a mother alone with two small kids.   Before Hubby headed to the conference, we went to the Singapore Science Centre, which was a hit with the boys. They had an Avengers station, although I have to admit I was more of the superhero buff than all three boys (hubby included)combined.  You really need a full day to enjoy this place to the max.
Singapore Zoo  (the two monkeys are enjoying the sight of the zebras 😄)
The next day when hubby left, the boys and I took a taxi to visit the singapore zoo. But by 11.00 am it was pouring rain and  even with raincoats and in the tram inside the zoo, we couldn't quite see much. The shows got cancelled due to the rain. I am pretty sure the place would be loads of fun had it not rained so much.  But even with the little time we got , the boys loved it.

Before I left for Singapore I visited lots of websites to look for places to take the boys. One of them had a post on   Bounce!.

Little one bouncing around at Bounce!
Bounce! is a huge indoor trampoline park where you have to prebook  a session for an hour. And it was so much fun and well maintained. I have to say Singapore kids we met were  very nice and welbehaved , no pushing and shoving around. Each gave the other a turn. Bounce! was so much fun, the boys had to purchase special pair of socks before they headed to the trampoline area.  One hour went by in a flash.

Boys dream came true to get to handle real  construction machines at Diggersite
Another place they loved was  Diggersite at Jcube mall. I wanted to go to the main one in jurong but it was too far for me  so I opted to go to diggersite after reading about it here.  For boys and their love for machines this is a great place to visit.  There were just three machines but it was such a treat for them to enjoy and they had the whole place for themselves  as it was a weekday with a very helpful guy operating the place.

After hubby finished his conference we headed to Universal Studios on a Friday. The ride to sentosa  on a cable car was a treat it self.  Universal studios was fun and enjoyable, little guy was able to ride most of the rides while  little one was very happy to see Elmo and the minions and  hubby enjoyed the waterworld show . My advice, book tickets online or at the airport before heading there and try going on a weekday  to beat the crowd.

Man made waterfall at the cloud forest
Finally on the last day we visited Cloud Forest and Children's Garden in Gardens' by the Bay.
 Water play area at the Children's Garden inside Gardens by the Bay
As for shopping, I  didnt shop much but still did do a bit of shopping.  Its where you shop I think,  Places like Bugis street, Bugis Junction, Jcube had a a few sales as it was December.  Our favorite bookstore ,Kinokuniya Bookstore  was on Orchard street!! Spent a whole morning getting lost in there. Arab street and Kampung Glam also a great area to eat ( lots of Halal food )and shop, not sure about prices though.  Oh and Tekka centre, for checking out local food and beautiful produce! Unfortunately I didnt get the chance to visit the famous Musthafa Centre though.

Over all , as the boys say one of the best holidays they had !

Ps,  I document and write about my travels as a way to help others, I travel on  a certain budget and also look for great places for the kids to enjoy as well for the adults to relax and enjoy and spend time with the kids. And of course the food.


  1. Cool that you had a fun holiday with the family!

  2. Oh Nammi, it has been years since I visited Singapore...I love the pictures and I am so glad that you all had a great time!
    Enjoy the rest of your week :)

  3. That is a really nice update on Singapore. Never gone there, would love to go there sometime... InShaAllah... :)


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