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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Strawberry Yogurt Pops

I am so excited to day!!! Woke up to find that my interview to has been  uploaded and still cant believe it!! You can click here to take a look.
I  love these!!!  Its a great way to get some dairy product to kids who hate milk and  some fruit.  A friend of mine tried this and  agreed it was yummy, said it tastes like ice cream.   Ice pops are always a real treat for my boys and its something I try to make  during holidays, and for hot weekends  for them to enjoy. You can use fresh or frozen strawberries.

Recipe :  Strawberry yogurt Pops

Makes about 6

1 cup frozen or fresh  strawberries
125g  tub plain yogurt
about 4 tbsp sugar( if you want it less sweet use less sugar)
1/2 cup milk

Place everything into the blender and blend till smooth. Pour into ice pop moulds  and secure the  sticks in and pop into the freezer to freeze.

Pour or plunge into a hot water bowl so you can easily remove the ice pops.



  1. Delicious and healthy too, but I have to save this for summer :-)

  2. Congrats dear,good interview :) ..It's very cold here so will have to wait a little to prepare it for my children,they would surely love this

  3. Delicious! Just like Angie I'll save it for the summer.

  4. Congrats on the post publication - wonderful interview and a nice recipe for the summers!

  5. read the interview Nammi! Congratulations dear! I am glad to learn a few more personal things about you and I am planning to check your Maldives recipes and see if I can try some of them. Btw, I am also a "closet blogger" LOL! I find it so hard to promote my blogposts...

  6. Congratulations Nammi :) wonderful publication. These pops look healthy and delicious

  7. Hi Nammi
    The pops looks so good! This would be welcome here anytime!
    I've read your interview! It's a great one! Congratulations for being featured! :)

  8. Congratulation for your interview, I have just read, it is really nice. And I have to try that chicken in coconut milk. These popsicles look great, I make similar ones for my kids in summer and they love them dearly.

  9. Congratulations Nammi!
    Your strawberry yogurt pops look awesome...plain and simple...
    I hope you are enjoying your week :)

  10. Lovely colour and healthy too...And true, mommies get innovative to make tier kids eat :) :)


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