Saturday, August 27, 2016


 Ok!, today I am not posting a recipe.  Today I want to show you something . If you have already checked the photo above you are probably wondering what it is right? This is called a Mudi locally. Its the solidified fat  that forms inside the  coconut as it ages.  
When growing up we used to have three huge coconut palm trees in  our house.  To prevent the coconuts from falling on people's heads my father would get someone to pick  the coconuts.

Some  will be young while the  others will be slightly older ones.  The young coconuts will be sent to friends and family and we would drink for our hearts content. While the older coconuts with more meatier flesh will be   left to use for making various dishes.

Now usually  there will be quite a huge  pile of coconut, while my mum has some of them husked and cleaned  the others are left with the husk . Now as the coconut starts to grow root and when you open this to find  a mass of spongy ball which i have been told is the embryo of the coconut.  Now  comes the exciting part,  my mum might need to get more coconuts  and so gets these  coconuts husked and  we will find this spongy ball of mass inside, with a rough light yellow  or rather cream skin.
that spongy ball is known as Mudi 

 Even though there is flesh inside can still be used, its this ball of mass we always look forward to. Its got a sweet taste with a spongy texture although the smaller it is the less  spongy it is and is quite a little treat for us. Usually it gets bigger as the coconut ages. Now adays I have seen these kinds of coconuts with the root growing on them being sold as Mudilee kaashi  in the local market here in Male' City.

The Mudi is just  eaten as it as. Its more like a little treat hidden inside the coconut  :)


  1. wow...that's awesome! I have never seen the spongy ball inside a coconut...amazing.

  2. glad to reveal the insidious mystery of a coconut

    great pics and sharing

  3. I've never seen that or knew about it! Nice to learn something new.

  4. totally new to me..nice to know the new recipe.

  5. We call it ponge ,and find it rarely . Something we relish to the core

  6. interesting and i love watch the skill of folks climbing to collect coconuts

  7. Hi Nammi, That's interesting! I didn't know that there is some hidden treasure inside some coconuts!


  8. OMG! Nammi! I have forgotten about this! We called it tombong kelapa. When I was young, sometimes when my mom opened the coconut, there will be this round little white ball inside. And I would share it with my sisters! It is indeed spongy in texture! I have not seen this in decades! It sure brings back memories of my younger days enjoying this tombong kelapa, and juices from the coconut, with my sisters! I would love to have one of this right now!

  9. Wow, this is so interesting...I have never heard of it...thanks for sharing it.
    Hope you are having a great week Nammi :)

  10. OMG,.,!!!

    this is my fav!! yummyY!!

    Julia, Malaysia


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