Thursday, September 17, 2015

French Fries or Potato Chips

Some call it french fries.  others call it  chips , but  for me as long as its perfectly fried  , crispy on the out side and nice and tender inside it doesnt matter whether they are called fries or chips.

I  prefer to buying the frozen  french fries bags, than making my own .  I have  had several failed attempts to make french fries so I stopped trying to make my own and stuck to buying the  pre made  almost done  chips  or fries.
But I have this   potato chipping  gadget ,which I received as a wedding present and I  love  to use it. So   decided to give it another try. This time I tried Heston Blumenthal's method.  I might not have thermometer  but went ahead with  the guess work on how hot the  oil would be.

Heston's method takes a long time to make chips but its fun to try  especially on a day when you have time like weekends or school holidays. My boys were proudly  telling their  cousins  that the chips were home made not from the frozen section from the supermarket.

Recipe : Potato chips or french fries, recipe following Heston Blumenthal's thrice cooked chips

Potatoes, not the white ones, regular ones.
oil for deep frying
water to boil
pepper and chilli powder  to flavour the chips

First  peel and cut the chips into chips. Make sure they are equal sizes ( I used my potato chipper ).

Put the potatoes in water and wash well  to remove the starch.  Drain and  put in a saucepan with water and a pinch salt and bring to a boil . Cook 10 minutes till tender but not all the way through.

Now drain completely.  Place in a zip lock bag or  freeze proof plate or tray and place in the freezer for an hour .

Heat up  a pan with oil for frying, over a medium heat. Once hot  add the chips(in batches) from the  freezer.  (because they are so cold the temperature in the oil will reduce )Fry  till the chips  colour a little  , the outside becomes a bit light coloured   but not golden.

Remove to kitchen towels or paper. Now  increase the heat of the pan to full.  Return the chips back into the oil ( in batches). This time  it will take less time and the chips will turn a nice  golden. Remove and drain any excess oil  on kitchen paper.

Place in a bowl , and season with salt and pepper and a little chilli powder for an extra kick.


  1. My husband's top favourite! These look so crisp.

  2. In France, we say " frites " and we Cook them only in oil, but yours seem delicious and probably more healthy !

  3. Hi Nammi,
    Potato fries are a favourite! A plateful of this would be gone in no time in my house! Looks yummy!

  4. never feels bore to eat these...specially kids..


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