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Thursday, August 6, 2015


I am not a breakfast person, so its usually bread and different spreads for breakfast in my house.  Except on weekends ,if I am on the mood to cook,  I make eggs or pancakes.
My eldest son ( little guy) loves pancakes. I usually make him pancakes using the Betty Crocker  pancake mix but when I saw the crepe recipe by Jacques Pepin that I decided to give it a try as the recipe was  quite straightforward and easy.

The boys enjoyed them spread with Raspberry preserve or  Nutella.

Recipe : Crepes recipe from Jacques Pepin's Crepes with Jam recipe found in Delish

For  8 Crepes

2/3 cups plain flour ,sifted
2 eggs, beaten lightly
1-2 tsp sugar
3/4  cups milk
1 tbsp oil - to grease the pan

In a large bowl mix flour and sugar.

Make a well in the centre and add the eggs and 1/4 cup of milk. Whisk well and once its completely lump free add the rest of the milk  and mix.

Heat a non- stick frying pan, just a small one ( not those teeny tiny ones, just a regular one you use for making eggs) , Brush with a little oil and  add a ladle of crepes mixture and swirl the pan around so the batter covers a thin layer at the bottom of the pan.  Cook for a few seconds , flip to the other side and cook another second and remove to a plate.

Serve warm spread with Jam or Preserves or Nutella.

Serving this up at IHCC's  theme for this week .... Reveille-toi" (Get Out Of Bed) breakfast recipes by Jacques Pepin.


  1. Your crepes are thin and nicely browned. Beautifully done! Mine are still work in progress. I like working with this batter.

  2. They are so evenly thin and beautiful.

  3. You have been awarded with the Premio Dardos Award, please check out my post

  4. Lovely crepes, Nammi! I must this recipe of JP, as my family love crepes as well.

  5. i bet your boys loved these my two enjoy pancakes too

  6. Yummy! Those look perfect and sound delicious!

  7. Now this became Yuan's favourite thing for breakfast.. ☺


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