Friday, March 20, 2015

Trip To Bandos Island Resort

Just before the end of last year's  December School break , my hubby  and I decided to take a short break and head to Bandos Island Resort. Its the first time we  visited this  island resort  and I invited my sister in law with her hubby and son to join us , as I felt she could use a break as well being  pregnant with her second child and staying cooped up at home during the holidays.

Bandos Island Resort  is one of the oldest  resorts opened in Maldives its still popular and  is still very  well maintained.
Bandos Island resort has  special packages for  Locals as well  , and which are   slightly cheaper compared to the tourist rate, and  is one of the reasons we were able to go on own. The only  thing I didnt like  was the fact we had to travel in the staff ferry. Its not the idea of travelling with staff but we were not staff and it would be nice if they treated the local guests the same way they treat other guests and have  boat ready depending on the number of local guests even on the day we went there were three families heading there and that was also during a weekday,  ( just a suggestion) I say this because quite a number  of locals actually head to Bandos especially during breaks and even  during week ends.

We were supposed to leave at 1 pm but the staff ferry ( or rather a large  speed boat this time) was full so it took it  two more trips before we finally had  our turn ( now you know why I suggested a separate  means of travel for local guests, as we were standing outside near the jetty  in the hot sun).

Our room  which we asked for a delux room  was upgraded for the same price  to a beach side villa and garden villa.   The rooms were pretty spacious, they had made a nice comfy makeshift bed  made out of a large mattress and comfy bedding ,for the boys downstairs while the main bed room was up stair s and  the bathroom came equipped with a jacuzzi much for the boys excitement , who turned it into a space ship ( well boys will be boys).

Of course event though there was a pool we headed to the beach, we prefer the beach. The beach was gorgeous ( of course)  and loads of fish swam very close to the beach, so a great place for snorkeling. We even encountered a supposedly harmless baby shark, just brushing against me and my sis in law ( although we  shot out from the water as fast as we could , LOL).

The food,  was very good. We  had all our meals at the Gallery restaurant   , and I have to say the food really gets top marks as everything was delicious. Ate a really delicious  yogurt terrine  with berries,  and am still  searching for the recipe.

While strolling around we  walked into their  vegetable garden.

Hi!!! thats me trying to get the perfect shot when hubby decided to sneak up  from behind me  :) 
There was a herb garden with basil, mint, even a  rosemary bush.

clock wise from top, mint, thai basil, local , rosemary and local basil
Beautiful lettuce leaves grown using the hydroponics  technique and this technique was used to grow melons and tomatoes as well .

 There was an aubergine patch,  chillies. I think its great they  are trying to grow their own vegetables locally instead of importing everything from abroad.

We also took a peek inside the kids club but was a bit small in size .

We stayed for   one night and two days,   our package included   transport with  the room for the night along  with dinner, breakfast and lunch all for less than 300$  for each family.

So with the mid term holidays coming up thought I would post this, for those looking for a quick getaway from the current madness in the city, now dont get me started on that either  .   I keep meaning to post this since we went but  kept slipping my mind. For more information you can check the website here 


  1. It looks like a great place to relax and have a good time with the family.
    Have a lovely day!

  2. That is a lovely place for a vacation with the family! Baby shark or not, I would run out of the water in no time! Hahaha!
    I like the vegetable and herb garden!

  3. Just got back to UK from holiday in Bandos. Next time you go, try some of the food in Sea Breeze and Huvan, now also have small Japanese restaurant and a Thai restaurant. Great food all round. I am repriducing some of the great local food we had with the help of your recipes. Thanks!


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