Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Legoland Malaysia and Little Big Club.

During the school holidays  we decided to treat the boys to a fun day or rather two days  at Legoland. The boys are huge lego fans and had a wonderful time. Legoland Malaysia is situated in Johor Bahru, and if you plan to visit its best you choose a working day as  the reviews say that it can get pretty crowded during weekends and public holidays.

We stayed in a lovely budget hotel called Nusa CT, ( although I secretly wished we could afford to stay at the Legohotel which looked fabulous!!)  Those who like continental breakfast might be a bit disapointed as its quite limited just toast and cereal  but they had few more local breakie dishes.  But there is a huge Mamak stall and a few more other restaurants around the block. The hotel is just less than 10 minute drive from Legoland.

Tip, its best you book your tickets before arriving as its a lot quicker to get in. Much needed  caps and sun glasses.  And yes you do need two day combo especially when the boys want to go on each and every ride. My 3 year old  couldnt go on all as he didnt meet up to the required height but  he did get to enjoy  a lot more rides and there were loads of play areas. Even the water park  had a special area for kids his age.  So over all I would give it a big thumbs up. I have been to Genting Resort  and Sunway Lagoon in Malaysia but this place get s the most points as we all enjoyed it, even the food in the restaurants were great!!.   Lockers are provided and its quite safe to leave them there.  Towels are available for rent at the water park.  For more info visit this blog , as it helped a lot. For more reviews check this as well.

After two fun filled days at Legoland  we visited the Little Big club. I  have read mixed reviews about it.  One thing I liked about the place was that it was indoors and well  airconditioned,  so I wasn't sweating like mad.

 Little big club is mainly for kids below 6 years although the Thomas the train  playground is best for 6-10 year olds. Hubby squeezed himself through the narrow tunnels with my 3 year old, who didnt want to be left alone and wanted to go after his big brother. I was more worried about hubby ( who is 5 feet 9') getting stuck than the boys falling off ( the place is well maintained and very safe with strong netting and soft floors).

The boys enjoyed playing at Pingu's igloo, Bob  the Builder' s play area, and a their  favourite Thomas the train floor,  which occupied  whole 3rd floor with loads of rides, a playground and train ride on Thomas.  They even checked into Barney's yard. We skipped Anjelina's   dance studio ( of course I have two boys!!!, dont think they will want to done a tutu and skip around ).

We took a walk around the Puteri harbor to check out the yachts but it started to rain so we headed back inside. It was a great 4 day trip to Johor Bahru, and one the boys will talk about for along time to come.


  1. Happy 2015, Nammi!

    This place sounds really fun! Sad to say that I have not been to any Legoland yet.


  2. Hi Nammi,
    Nice to hear that your family had fun! We have not been to Legoland yet! :)

  3. sounds like a lovely family trip :-)N

  4. ooohhh... my daughter would love to visit that place :)


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