Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mashed Potatoes

Who doesn't love mashed potatoes!!!. I could eat a whole bowl  with some gravy in it.  I  love the mash they sell in KFC, yes I know its a probably came from a packet but still its  sooooooooo good.  Yummm, just thinking  about it is making me salivate.

I love making mash to serve with sausages and sometimes with meat.  I like it plain even though I jazz it up with spices  sometimes . I tried adding pesto once but didn't like it much.   I have read lots of recipes where they say you should boil the potatoes without peeling or use warm milk.So how do you like your mash?

Recipe : Mashed Potatoes

450g - 500 g potatoes, peeled and cut into large chunks
2 tbsp butter, 
1/3 cup milk

Cook the potatoes in a pan of slightly salted water till cooked through.  Drain and place back  in the pan and mash with a potato masher  or ricer while still warm.  Add milk and butter , place over the lowest heat on the stove top and mix well with a wooden spoon or whisk  till creamy.  Add little more milk to get the write consistency.   Add salt to taste.  

Ps. Left over mash can be used to make fish cakes, for pie toppings etc.....

First term break starting this week so taking a weeks break to update blog and also spend some time with the boys,  will be posting soon in a weeks time , Happy holidays !!!


  1. I'm not fond of potato mash but love to use to make patties...

  2. Nice useful post.. Thanks for sharing dear.

  3. My daughters favourite, she love mashed potatoes with grilled meats.

  4. I love mashed potatoes ....nice post

  5. I love sneaking cauliflower into my mashed potatoes - deeelicious! :)

  6. simple comfort food something I grew up with

  7. Nothing like a creamy mashed potato...yum!
    Have a great week Nammi :D

  8. Delicious mashed potatoes looks perfect.


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