Sunday, June 15, 2014

Back After a Break

Hi!!!,  I know I have ignored my blog a for week,  decided to take break and enjoy the school holidays. It also fell into the same week as my birthday and my wedding anniversary so to celebrate we headed off for a two night stay at Kandooma  Resort.
 No, we are not loaded or something that we get to go to resort very often this year. My   hubby got a complimentry stay as a thank you from the manager for going for one of their health camps.

Compared to the places we have visited the beach was pretty small but had lots of little fishes swimming very close to the shore so my hubby and little guy had fun snorkeling around and checking out the fish. For those who are adventurous , there is nice  surfing area.  It is said the resort was recently rebuilt and reopened  after being destroyed by the 2004 Tsunami ( Yes , Maldives suffered pretty badly  during  the 2004  Tsunami).

We were given a Beach Villa, rather small but cosy, although I did wish there was natural lightening.  The beach is a 5 minute walk from the villa kids enjoyed walking about the garden with tall coconut palms and huge tropical trees with good branches for climbing.

We had our breakfast , lunch and dinner at Kandooma Cafe'  which served delicious food and it was nice sitting near the pool overlooking the beach.

Our final night we had dinner at Bokkura Cafe' . It was Tuesday night so the Kandooma Cafe' was having a Maldivian night with the waiter's dressed in white shirts( or was it  white T shirt ) and Feyli , a black sarong with a white border.

There was a boduberu group, so after dinner we went to watch for while.

Bodu beru is traditional dance, usually done by men. Quite catchy and fun, slightly weird  as they tend to go over the top when dancing. Supposedly the dances are hypnotised or are shown as hypnotised by the drums. Although I did wish they had dressed more traditionally rather than turning their feyli to a strange  looking pair of pants. You can check a here to view  a more modern version of boduberu or slightly more traditional one where they beat the drums by sitting down  click  here .


  1. That beach villa looks pretty awesome, Nammi. Welcome back!

  2. looks like a fab resort and will check out the dancing :0

  3. such a beautiful beach resort...looks wonderful...glad you all had a fabulous holiday :-)


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