Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fried Scads ( Theluli Mushimas)

      This is one of my favorite recipes . Its very simple and all you need are these little fish known locally as Mushimas, the smaller they are the crunchier they become when deep fried.  I think in english they are know as Big eye scads.

 My mother  makes these  from time to time, if its available in the market.  They make a great snack as well, its hard to stop at just one. I used to hate the head but now I don't mind biting it off and eating it. The only problem is getting  these to the table before its finished off.

Recipe : Fried Scads 

Scads about 10- 12
nice big pinch each of  ground black pepper, and chilli powder
oil for deep frying

1. Clean and gut the fish. Score the   flesh a few times  . Pat dry with kitchen paper.

2. Mix chilli powder , salt and pepper and season the fish thoroughly.

3. Heat saucepan or fryer till hot.  Add the  fish  , slowly and fry over a medium high heat, don't keep it too high or the oil  will become too hot and burn the fish .

4. Remove once the fish is dark golden and crispy.  Drain on kitchen paper and serve.


  1. Hi Nammi,
    This is exactly like the way we sometimes fry our fish, and this fish is similar to our fish here, which we called "Ikan Selar", my guess is they are the same.
    We love eating this fried fish, sometimes we have some sambal belacan (a chilli paste condiment) to eat with it.
    Yum! One of my favourites too!

    1. Yes we saw something similar to this when we lived in Kota Bahru. This and a lot of other similar ingrediants. Some of the curries too :)

  2. Hi Nammi, as children we weren't vegetarians and grew up eating a mustard curry with these tiny scads...they tasted we can say...this dish of fried scads is outstanding and full of deliciousness,thanks for sharing :-)

  3. SO crispy they are, fingerlicking fried scads..

  4. I love theluili mushimas yum yum ...

  5. I love the idea of crispy...yum!

  6. looks great! i dont think i have ever tried scads before.

  7. They look so yummy! This fish is like the one we call "boquerones" in Spain :)

  8. The grammatically correct name of this dish is "theluli mushimas" ތެލުލި މުށިމަސް


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