Thursday, April 17, 2014

Faloodha at Scoop

The first term mid term break came during the last week of March. We didnt  go anywhere out of Male' City as it was just a week's break and hubby  had work.  So I decided to take my boys and my niece to check out the National Museum ( post to follow soon).  The Museum opens at 10 and we reached there a bit early so headed off to Scoop to grab something nice and cold to drink as it was a hot day.

Scoop is this old  little cafe' in Male' City. Its situated  in Chandhanee Magu in front of  Iskandhar school. Its been there since I remember.  This little shop sells local snacks such as rolls, cutlets, bajiya ,  and sandwiches and of course lots of ice creams. But we were not there for that , we wanted some of their famous Faloodha

This sweet concotion probably made its way from India as I have seen Faloodha recipes from some of the blogs.  Anyway Faloodha is cold drink made with rose syrup mixed with condensed milk and water. Its  is made by adding tiny bits of jelly and basil seeds , which had been soaked for several hours in water so they  have this jelly like membrane around them, into the rose syrup mixture.  Finally its topped off with  a big scoop of vanilla ice cream.

The price has hiked a bit though ,but the taste still remains the same.

Note : Non of my reviews are beneficial for me,  I do my reviews solely for the interest of my readers especially  for  expatriates and tourists,  who are planning to visit Maldives. 


  1. Faloodha is new to me. It sounds like a delicious drink!

  2. Soo refreshing and am drooling here.

  3. I have never heard of this interesting with basil seeds...looks pretty and sounds refreshing.
    Hope you are having a great week Nammi :D

  4. Hi Nammi,
    This is very similar to our local drink here, which we call Air Bandung! I'm surprised that this drink is enjoyed in another part of the world! :)

  5. Inviting and refreshing drink!!


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