Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sea house Cafe'

 Last year, I received an email from a friend of  blog friend of mine, who wrote that she was heading to Maldives and will be visiting Male' for a day or two. She wanted to know what were the best places to eat local fare.  But unfortunately I checked my mail after she had come and gone,  :(.   I dont usually go out to eat, so this year I was talking to my hubby and we decided  to have date nights  or  family dine outs now and then, to check out the local restaurants. So last weekend we decided to head  out for breakfast on a Saturday morning. Here in Maldives weekend is Friday and Saturday.

We headed out to Sea house cafe' a favorite haunt of my sisters, they eat out more often than I do. This cafe'  is located on the first floor of the  Hulhumale' ferry terminal. It has a deck overlooking the ocean where you can enjoy your meal and check out the activity on the sea, You can see the busy airport, and the boats and heading into the ferry terminal.

As for food, well ,  there was bread, jam, butter and honey. Local fare such as two types of mashuni ( fish sambal) kulhimas ( spicy fish curry) roshi and a few other curries,( not that many choices), a few cut fruit although I didnt like apple quaters floating in what looked like water, maybe they should have left it whole like a fruit bowl or something.  Me and hubby had roshi , mashuni and kulhimas and a sauteed chicken liver . The boys had roshi and honey. Well, the mashuni and kulhimas was pretty good, the chicken was cooked too long so was a bit dry and grainy, but I like chicken liver, so didnt mind it much.

The deck was a bit too sunny as the sun had just risen, but there was a nice breeze  even though  we sat indoors. Had a nice view of the near by island of Funadhoo, and the airport , the boys enjoyed checking out the boats, and the planes leaving the airport . ( In case you are wondering , the international airport is on another island, one whole island is the airport. You have to take a boat or sea plate or local plane again to head to your resort  or any other island). So next time or if you ever visit Maldives and want to grab a local breakfast this a good place to try.


  1. all those yummy dishes are fish curries :-)

  2. I've not been to Maldives but have heard a lot of this beautiful place.
    Wish I can visit you one day :)

  3. Its always nice to enjoy food in good surroundings.

  4. I did plan a trip to Maldives but due to unforeseen circumstances, it had been diverted to another county. I have heard much about Maldives and surely its in the pipe line, maybe next year or so.

    I am loving the spread of dishes and looks really tempting and interesting.


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