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Friday, September 13, 2013

Kiruboakibaa ( Coconut milk and Rice Cake)

This a very old recipe, which was why it was so hard to  perfect cos no one seems to know the exact measurements .Its usually served during afternoon tea or eaten as a snack. The biggest challenge for me was getting the measurements right. You see most local ladies don't really measure, its always a little of this and that. When they do give measurement its ways some glass of or cup of or more traditionally an empty condensed milk can or coconut shell.
 So trying to perfect this recipe took me almost 3 years, I got thumbs up from my mother and sister in law that it was finally the way it should be. Mind you this is a trial and error recipe but since I got the approval  am posting it.

This isnt really a cake, more like a jelly like slice as the rice becomes starchy as it cooks and thickens and sets once baked.  Its  sometimes topped with  sweet caramelised onions ( yes you heard me  onions!) and slivered slices of Indian almonds.  My aunts use plain flour instead of rice flour.

I made this recipe by grinding basmathi rice till very fine, here in Maldives, ground rice is sold in local supermarkets. In the old days they use jasmine scented water to flavor this , but I used pandan instead. Instead of squeezing fresh coconut milk I used canned coconut milk. But this is a recipe that takes time and effort to make and patience,something that I dont have sometimes so I made this  on days when hubby is home so he can keep an eye on the boys while I hover around the stove.

Kiruboakibaa recipe adapted  from  Zareena Ibrahim Didi's Kiruboakibaa recipe from Dhivehi Kaana 1

1/2 cup  finely ground rice ( see note below)
1/3 cup flour
1  cup canned coconut mik
2 cups pandan infused water ( see note below )
1 cup sugar ( or more if you like it sweeter)
2 tbsp rose water

Preheat the oven  to about gas mark 4-5.  Oil a 9-10 inch round tray  with flavourless vegetable oil.
In a large saucepan mix ground rice, sugar , coconut milk , pandan water  and flour.  Stir well and place on the stove over a medium high heat. Stir continously  with a whisk , till the mixture starts to thicken.  Dont think of turning the heat up , it takes time , and you have to stir all the time as it might catch and burn at the bottom.

Once the mixture thickens  to a thick paste,(It should be so thick that you will have some difficulty in stirring it). stir in rose water. Stir for another 2 minutes and switch off. Carefully  pour into  prepared tray, level it up.

  Pop the tray in the oven( middle shelf)  and bake till a skewer comes out clean . The top will have a  lightly golden colour.

Trouble shooting : sometimes  the 'cake' tends to split  in the middle , its best to reduce the heat a little .

Note : Ground Rice :  To prepare the ground rice mixture,  wash 3/4 cup of basmathi rice under running water till the water runs clear. Then soak for  about 6 hours. Then place in a grinder,  blender with 1-2 tbsp  water and grind. To make sure its finely ground, I pushed it through a fine mesh sieve.

To make Pandan water, place two pandan leaves or 1 large pandan leaf ( torn up) in saucepan filled with about 4 cups of water.  Bring to a boil then simmer for  about 30 minutes.  Remove the pandan leaves , cool and use as required.

PS   to locals who  visit my blog, this is how I made my version of this particular local dish, it might not be same way as you might have learnt or seen it being made at home,and  it might taste slightly different. :)


  1. It looks very nice this recipe... I will give it a try :)
    have a nice week-end

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  3. this looks like a fragrant delicious cake

  4. lovly recipe....and new to me!!! yummy!!

  5. Such a delicious rice cake, i want a piece to taste. Nammi Kokum is like tamarind but not tamarind, this dried kokum is used to add sourness in dishes.

  6. Nammi, your coconut rice cake looks wonderful.


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