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Sunday, April 17, 2011

A simple chicken dinner

By the end of last week,my fridge was almost empty, thanks to my car having engine trouble and my baby also giving me trouble. Had a bout of nausea and low blood pressure which has  left me with little appetite. Could use some advice on what can boost my appetite. The weather has changed drastically to boiling hot, when you are carrying extra load it feels even hotter than normal.

I had just two boneless pieces of chicken breast , some lemons. potatoes and rather sorry looking beans.  So I decided to grill my chicken pieces , roast the potatoes into wedges  and just blanch the beans.

For 2:
2 boneless chicken breast pieces
1 fat clove of garlic
grated zest of 1/2 lemon  and juice of 1/2 lemon
1/2 tsp chilli flakes, add more if you want it spicy
salt and pepper
good splash of olive oil or vegetable oil if you dont have any.

1.  Place garlic, salt in a motor and pestle and give a bash to mash it up. Add chilli flakes, zest , lemon juice and oil and mix well. Taste adjust salt.  Set a side.

2. Cover your chicken breast pieces with a cling film or place inside a plastic bag and give a good bash with a heavy pan or meat tenderiser  to flatten it up.  Place in a shallow tray or bowl and pour the marinade in and leave for a few hours or so. Or if you are in a hurry a few minutes.

3. While that is happening ,you can cut your roasting potatoes into wedges, rinse and pat dry , season with salt and pepper and toss in a little olive oil and place in a hot oven  flip them after sometime to cook evenly. ( for some odd  reason my potatoes never turn out quite as I want them to be  but this time hubby loved them so cant complain :)

4. Heat a griddle pan or a large non stick frying pan till very hot , place your chicken pieces , as they say presentation side down, leave it to  cook then flip onto the over side and cook the other side. Press down a little  to check if done. If no juices are coming out , remove , cover with a foil and leave till you blanch your beans.

5. Unfortunately since I used a griddle pan I couldnt get much sauce out, so just poured what ever juice I could get from the pan and from the plate that I left the chicken pieces to rest.

Serve , chicken with potato wedges and beans. Its not fancy but when you have few items in the kitchen or on a budget but still want a nice healthy meal, this would be pretty good.

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