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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blanching Brocolli

My son loves Brocolli, what more could a mother want :), A lot of people or some people tend to over cook their vegetables, either to soften them or to kill  any scary germs lurking around. Its not just brocolli its also other vegetables , such as carrots , beans , etc.
What I think is its because we tend to over cook them. I know i have over cooked my brocolli when my son refuses or pulls a face and says mumma  you made soggy brocolli today. I am not showing off my cooking skills or anything, nor am I some super cook or something but just showing you what I learnt along the way. Something I have noticed is a lot of people seem intimidated when they find out I have a food blog , to tell the thruth when I cook for friends I am more worried whether they will like the food or not.

I always buy my brocolli from the farmer's markets, they are quite fresh, always look for the dark green top and good stem , no mushy ends.  Dont buy those with yellowing flower head and browning heads.

Cut the florets into bite slize florets. Heat a large saucepan with slightly salted water, bring to boil.

Once it starts to boil, add in the florets , put the lid on and cook for about 2-3 minutes.  While thats happening fill a bowl with ice cold water, place near the sink

They should be bright green , slightly crunchy but  lost the rawness.  Drain immediately and drop them into the icy water. Then drain again. 

Serve along side any fish , meat or chicken dish, or you can place them , once they are drained well, in a zip lock freezer bag layer it up by lying the bag flat so the florets are in a nice even layer.. Pop in freezer and use when ever required

To use from freezer, defrost inside the fridge, an hour before using and dip in hot water for a minute , drain and serve or  if using for cooking just pop in frozen florets into the dish and cook through.

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