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Saturday, October 9, 2010


            I love freshly made pesto,  whether its made with mint or using basil, pasta alway tastes best when served with pesto.  Its great refrigerator standby, good with  fish and chicken and even on toast.
I usually use  thai basil ,which is almost the same to continental basil with a very strong aroma.  Why thai basil, simple its easily available at local markets, normal continental basil is also available at the supermarket. In maldives we have a variety of basil known as gandakoalhi. 

So for a small quantity of pesto :

About 1 cup loosely packed fresh basil ( or you can use a mixture of basil and parsley)
1 fat clove of garlic
1 red or green chilli( my personal touch , optional)
a small handful of blanched, skinned almonds, roughly chopped( if you want in number thats about 8 almonds)
A good amount of extra virgin olive oil or normal olive oil
A big handful of grated parmesan cheese

1. Place , herbs ,garlic , chilli ( if using ) and nuts into a food processor or blender or use a hand blender or even the motor and pestle.

2. Pulse a  few times to chop everything up, then add oil in a drizzle by the side, and pulse again, most chefs say to pulse while adding  olive oil but my processor doesnt have that funnel ( its a mini one) so I do this way. Pulse till everything is chopped up fine and smooth. 

3. I add parmesan the last or just before adding oil .

4. Use as required, stir into freshly cooked pasta , on grilled fish or chicken  etc.  Store in a clean dry bottle , add a thin layer of olive oil on top of the pesto while storing to keep nice and fresh. Store in the fridge. If you cant find basil any where, try my mint pesto.

Thinking of taking a little or a big break from the blogging world, thank you for all your support , and sweet comments.  I started blogging nearly 2 years ago , first on jamie oliver's blog, and then a year later switched to blogger, unlike some blogger's I dont go begging for followers I join the ones I like.  These days I keep wondering about doing something meaning ful with my life , blogging had been fun but sometimes  the thought of food is constantly in my mind I feel I neglect my son and hubby sometimes. I did think of joining food buzz thinking it might , you know earn me a few bucks but according to my sister it wasnt something like that. So maybe i might return after a week's break , ............... so thank you , i'll see you around , god bless :)


  1. I have not tried pesto. This looks so refreshing, healthy and delicious that would love to try. Thanks very much for sharing. Have a great weekend!

  2. I adore the pesto too. This looks so fresh and delicious!

  3. Have a great weekend,enjoy with your family...

  4. i think i am too addicted to take a break :) but you... neglect your son and husband... are we talking about you here or someone else? :)

  5. Have a great and wonderful weekend with ur family..beautiful looking pesto..

  6. You're pesto looks delicious!

    Enjoy your break and your family!

  7. Your pesto looks great! Enjoy your break - I can totally identify with you about blogging taking over everything. It is such an involved process - from making the food to then photographing it and writing an interesting post .... And so I myself now take it at my own pace and don't feel obligated to do several posts a week when I know that I can't keep up. After all, it's meant to be a hobby and should be taken as such & enjoyed thoroughly instead of turning into yet another thing you feel pressured about.
    Enjoy your time with your son!

  8. Looks soooo delicious :) worth giving a try for myself too.. anyways enjoy ur break.. May u be blessed tooo.. tc

  9. take a break when it stops being fun and come back as able even I have scaled my my posting used to be daily now maybe 3 a week, love ya

  10. Hi! Lovely pesto, use it for pasta or just bread, my favourite. As for blogging, take it easy! I blog when i feel like, not oblige to. hence you too! :)

  11. Well, I certainly hope you enjoy a break and then come back :) I always miss my blogger friends who "retire" from their blog.


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