Sunday, August 29, 2010

Disastrous lamb chops

When you are fasting  you crave  all sorts of things.  By the end of last week I  wanted to eat meat!! Was sick of eating chicken and  fish.  I remembered seeing some nice  chucks of beef at a nearby supermarket  so headed there after dropping my son off .
Much to my disappointment there wasnt a very  good piece of beef, what was there was  a bit greying looking chunks but lots of nice lamb shoulder pieces. Lamb shoulder cut into steak pieces.  I love lamb but I usually cook lamb shanks because everytime I attempt lamb chops they end up tough. After  deliberating over it getting curious looks from passing shoppers, of course they were probably wondering why i was standing in front of the meat counter fo almost 10 minutes!!.

So finally I purchased to huge pieces of lamb shoulder. Came home and did a little research on what goes well with lamb shoulder  pieces. I marinated it , as it is said lamb shoulder pieces were tough. Marinated in lemon juice, rosemary and garlic. Left it over night.

Come next day , I took it out around 4 in the afternoon , placed it on a hot frying pan and prayed that it will cook. Well it did cook but there was still a little  blood on top whenI pressed down with a spatualla. I have read robin cook's toxin so I eat my meat well done. Having little experiance with chops and   hoping to  make the chops tender I added water. Left the water to dry and out and then took them out.

It was so tough!!! My jaw was aching by the time I finished my meal!!. Hubby tried to eat the civilised way of cutting with knife and fork , when that didnt work he tried to saw it with the knife!!

Finally gave up and using his hands started to tear with his teeth. I joined in and we both joked we are eating like lions eat the flesh of  their  catch .

So how do you cook a  such cuts of lamb!


  1. Hahaha.... OMG, I'm so sorry about your lamb chop! Yes, indeed it's a disaster. So, now there are 2 hungry lions tearing up their meats! Guess, those kind of meat only suitable to make 'Rendang'~ braised meat with coconut milk. Btw, is that imported meat or local produce? Hope you'll find a better one next time. Best of luck!
    Cheers, kristy

  2. LOL!!! You must have cooked it for far too long. I usually grill my chops or cook them in a tomato based sauce fo some kind.

    And thank you thank you thank you for the pasta maker!!!

  3. Lolz, i agree with Kamana u would have cooked it for a long..

  4. I'm so sorry that happened! I have never cooked lamb before so I have no tips to offer you.

  5. Funny though that your husband tried to saw it :) Next time I would try the braise, too. Low heat for a long time!


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