Thursday, July 1, 2010

For kids : easy quesadella

My son loves to check inside my kitchen. I think its good to introduce kids to cooking at an early age , which would make them more independant around the kitchen when they grow up.

Last week he came jumping in, my sister calls him Roo because he alway hops about, and goes " mumma I want to help". I was planning to make some sausage filled quesadella's for him but since he was so impatient I opened a can of tuna, flaked some into a bowl with a tiny bit of pepper and salt, and then sliced some cherry tomatoes into nice rounds in to another and a small handfull of chedder. I have started introducing a little cheese for him , so far its going ok.
Anyway he loved assembling it, and then I heated a little oil and pan fried it both sides, tasted delicious . The fun way to get kids to finish is to cut it in triangles and then put it back in circle form and then let them count how many pieces are left. Its great way of teaching numbers and subtraction.

For one
2 cooked roshi or any flat bread
sliced tomatoes or cherry tomatoes
flaked canned tuna, seasoned with a little salt and pepper
handful of chedder cheese

1. Add half the cheese on one flat bread.

2. Layer the tomatoes , then tuna flakes.

3. Add the rest of the cheese on top, season with a little pepper ( dont add any more salt)

4.Cover with the 2nd flatbread and press down .

5. Heat a large frying pan with a a little butter or oil and place the quesidella in it. Fry till nice and golden on one side , then turn it over carefully and cook the other side. To make it more fat free you can pop it in the oven after brushing it with a little butter.

Quesadellas ( pronounced kay-sah-DEE-yah)are great way to use up left over flat bread, such as roshi, tortillas and chapatti and even parata.


  1. interesting and nice recipe.Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Thats a quickie but really delicious..

  3. Slurppp!!makes me hungry, delicious quesadellas..

  4. Oh boy, I would jump in as well! That looks so mouthwatering. I bet your son loves every single bit of it. Have a nice day!
    Cheers, Kristy

  5. Quesadellas looks yummy..perfect snack/meal for kids..thanks for sharing this!

  6. This is a delicious filling for quesadilla! And that's so cute your son wants to help. And I love the new look of your blog!

  7. Nice and kids friendly! I am sure my boy will like it.

  8. Sounds easy and looks yummy...

  9. Looks good! Fun to have help in the kitchen :)

  10. Wow this is fantastic. Will try it out soon :)

    Here for the first time and I really like your space. Will be back often. :)

  11. That's so cute hearing about your son helping out... Little roo, lol. Nice quesadilla :)


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