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Saturday, April 3, 2010

A colourful rice salad

The hot weather has made me lazy, at night am too lazy to post anything on the blog. During the late afternoon the sun is in my kitchen so I try to avoid cooking at the time as the heat from the kitchen makes the my little apartment even more hot.
But tonight have dragged my self to write this one dont want to let any of my blog buddies down :) .

I saw this on a bbc good food recipe book for kids called a rainbow rice salad. Its great recipe to try when you have left over rice and you can use any veg you like . THe original recipe had grated carrots and cucumber . You can make it ahead and leave in the fridge and let the flavours develop , a couple of hours ahead not leave for days and days ;).

I used as a side , so for two side portions,

1/2 cup cooked cold rice
2 spring onions, finely sliced , green and white parts
1 big tomato or two medium ones or a handful of cherry tomatoes, chopped
about 1/3 cooked sweet corn, use fresh corn or frozen corn
optional : 1 chilli
Dressing : ps measurements are not that accurate so here are what I used

Juice of 1/2 lemon
1 small clove garlic ( pound to a paste)
a little mustard
Extra virgin olive oil

1. Place all salad ingrediants in a mixing bowl.

2. Prepare dressing, mix everything together in a small glass bottle or whisk in a bowl with a fork , and pour it over the rice and veges. Mix gently and cover with a cling film and set aside.

PS , If you want some herby taste add a handful of coriander / cilantro leaves, roughly chopped.

Enjoy ! and have a lovely week end

Ps adding this a bit later, but taking cinamon girl's suggestion and sending this to her side dish show down .


  1. A very beautiful, colourful and delicious rice salad!

  2. Thats a quick one,but very colourful,attractive and delicious

  3. Definitely a colourful rice..looks prefect..

  4. What a lovely salad!!! quick too.

  5. Lovely looking salad and a quick preparation.

  6. Simply delicious, dear! Happy Easter Day to you & your family. Have fun!

  7. What a tasty rice dish - love the colors and flavors!

  8. This is so bright and fresh and delicious looking! This would be great for the side dish Showdown this month. Hope your having a great weekend!

  9. This rainbow rice salad is a great hot weather meal. Very nice. I know the heat can make you feel so drained.

    Thanks for keeping your blog buddies with a smile.

  10. Wow, that is a beautiful looking rice salad. Its still a bit cold in Scotland for salads, so I'll keep this in mind for when it gets warm.

  11. that looks so pretty...lovely colors..

  12. I love rice salad!!!Nice flavors and colors!

  13. Awesome side dish.
    Great combination of flavours x

  14. How delicious! I love how colorful it is and that you can throw just about anything in it.


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