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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Local Chillies

I dont use as much chillies as most maldivians do. My mother and both sisters luuuurrrrrrrrve chillies. Mum even munches green chillies while eating rice with curry. Somehow I prefer it a little bit milder , but let me show you three very popular chillies from home. Two of them I got from here in Malaysia, the scotch bonnet had to come from home.

Dried red chillies are usually used to make curry powders and chilli powder. Its usually bought from neightbouring india or sri lanka.

Finger lenght green and red chillies are very popular and locals in the islands grow them , some for their own home cooking and others as business. Its used in curries, salads and even pickled simply in vinegar.

Scotch bonnet is HOT!!!!. But really brings a kick to our curries and snacks. I usually use 1/4 of a scotch bonnet. I only brought a couple just to get a photo for the blog hehehe, now mum sends me these cool packs of freshly minced scotch bonnet made some locals , which I think is a very good idea for people like me who live abroad and who uses tiny bits of it to cook :)


  1. That's a real hot post ;)
    Nice one!

  2. Not sure I could munch a chili, but I love fiery foods :) but not too fiery!


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