Thursday, September 10, 2009

My First Pavlova

My Sister makes really great deserts, I love to eat them but when it comes to making them I usually go for the easy ones. So making a pavlova is quite an accomplishment and also found out it wasnt so difficult to make. A few months ago I purchased this really cute hand blender with different blades and an egg whisk .

So decided to try it out but after almost 20 minutes of whisking , it still didnt give the stff peak stage and the motor was starting to heat up . So tired out i just dumped the slightly gooey whites in to the oven , although it did taste great it was more like a crepe mess than a pavlova. Second try also went with disaster.

Yesterday , I was determined to give a another go. But this time I was going to do the whisking by hand. So here is how :

You need : 3 egg whites
150g sugar ( preferably caster sugar)
1 tsp corn flour
whipped cream

1. Take a clean, dry bowl, clean meaning squeky clean, especially no oil. So to be on the safe side I cleaned the insides of the bowl with a lemon slice and even the whisk , You can even use vinegar. Wipe dry and add the egg whites.

2. Beat the egg whites till it forms soft peaks like this ( sit comfortably some where and whisk , take a break you get tired , if you have an electric whisk or a mixer use that):

3. Start adding sugar a tablespoon at a time . It will start to glossy and smooth, whisk till its very stiff .

4. Add corn flour ( this is optional, but according to some recipes it keeps the whites from going pooooooof).

5. Take a baking sheet, and pour the mixture on it and spread it neatly into an oval or circular shape.

6. Bake in a preheated oven 150 degree C for about 1 hour till its nice and golden.

7. REmove and cool it down and transfer very carefully to a serving place, whip cream and spread on top and finaly arrange the ffruit. You can use any fruit, I didnt have a kiwi or strawberries so used canned pineapple with the juices drained . Have seen jamie oliver using tinned pears with chocolate sauce and toasted nuts, even bananas are used.

Note : Have seen a lot of chefs recomending copper bowls to whisk egg whites these days


  1. hey... not bad :)

    but it's better if you simply switch off oven and let it cool inside (with oven door slightly ajar).

    have not made pavlova in ages, but thanks to the paper you sent, must do one before ramazan is over.

  2. Haven't tried pavlova before. You are really a very determined and patience person. Well done! They look simply marvellous to me!

  3. Any thing left? am comming post call

  4. Hi, first time knowing pavlova! Such a great recipe!


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