Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Disastrous eclairs

I am hopeless when it comes to baking and desert recipes. Some how or other something always goes wrong.

2 days ago, I decided to make éclairs, I have never made éclairs before but it didn’t looks so difficult so decided togive it a go. All went well and , the batter did looks a bit wet but then I was following a recipe , I popped them in to my oven and waited for it to rise and turn golden.

It did turn golden but somehow it just stayed flat!!, To make matters worse my whipped cream turned all gooey when I pipped it into the éclairs ( I made a small hole and tried piping the cream ). I had hoped that the cream would puff it up , like a bicycle tyre hehehehe. I know it was quite funny. Thankfully I am married to a man who likes sweet things so I have just a couple of éclairs left. Oh well until next time ......


  1. hahaha! they look more like biscuits with choclate smeared on them :) did they taste good?

  2. As long as it tastes well can be taken well.

  3. You are so lucky to have a very supportive husband. Don't worry you are not alone. I also have a lot of failures in my baking journey. Learn from our mistakes. I am sure you can do it one day. :)

  4. You are not alone my friend, I have lots of cooking mishaps...

    the bottom like is 'never give up'.


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