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Sunday, June 28, 2009

An traditional Maldivian Lunch

One of my favourite meals from home. WHen we get fresh skipjack tuna, which is caught DAILY by the local fisherman, my mum makes garudhiya which is served with fresh chillies or chilli paste( lonumirus) , fresh lime and onion wedges, fried greens ( thelifai), fish paste ( rihaakuru) all mixed with plain cooked rice.

THe main dish is a clear fish broth, known as garudhiya , made of fresh tuna, usually a species known as skip jack , although some make them with other smaller varieties of tuna , but it has to be tuna. This is made by boiling salted water about 2 teaspoons in 1.5 litres for 500g tuna which is skined ,filletd and cut into large pieces.Bring the water to a boil first then add the fish, and then let it simmer gently , uncovered till cooked through. The scum which forms on top is discarded and the clear broth is served

Serve as the main dish with plain cooked rice along with various side dishes such as,rihaakuru a sticky black paste . I am still searching for the exact way its made, Its fishy paste, and is very salty.
THese are usually sold in the local market and are made in the islands and then sold locally. Its then made tastier by sauteeing it with onions and slighted scotch bonnet chillies and curry leaves. Its stored in an air tight bottle and keeps well for months. If you like marmite you will like it, only its a slight fishier.

Other popular sides are lonumirus, a simple chilli paste made with chilli powder, garlic paste, ground black pepper , salt and lime juice.

THelifai :made by deep frying onions, garlic, dried chillies, sometimes dried tuna fish slices and the main ingrediant, morainga leaves. This morainga leaves are locally grown leaves, which has almost the same nutritions as spinach. They ingrediants are deep freid seperatley , the oil drained well and then carefully mixed in with salt . Its stored in an air tight bottle. I dried doing it with finely sliced spinach but it didnt quite taste the same .

So hope i have given a little idea about a simple but delicious feast from home

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