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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Coconut and coconut milk

A lot of asian recipes requires coconut milk, mine included , and i have learnt that trying to extract fresh coconut milk can be bit time consuming for the modern day working mums, and messy too, so I have found ways to changed store bought coconut milk to thin and thick milk.

One thing i learnt is that coconut cream is a little too thick, so opt for coconut milk packets, i use a brand called Ayam brand, its malaysian one, so am not sure its available all over the world .
Anyway, dont buy lite coconut milk and stuff, just stick with coconut milk, so to make thin milk, say for most of my curries i have used about 500 ml thin coconutmilk so add 100 ml of your coconut milk in to a measuring jug and then add water up to 500 ml , Then for thick milk use the milk directly from the packet.

As for fresh coconut, buy a nice coconut from an asian market. When you choose one for cooking, give the coconut a shake (and they are usually dried up and brown in their shell) , you will hear the water sloshing around thats an old coconut, which you use for cooking purpose. The young coconut has a more white outer later and when you shake it you wont here the water sloshing around.
Thats the difference between a young coconut, which u use for a refreshing drink from an " old one, which is used for cooking .

To extract the flesh of the coconut , I learnt this trick from one of the programes on tv . After cracking open the coconut put it in the oven at about 150 degree celsius , and leave it in there for about 20 minutes and when you take it out and let it cool , its easer to extract the thick hard flesh from it with a sharp point knife. You can grate it and freeze them , till use. If you keep in fridge it doesnt last for long and ends up getting sour, while it lasts for some time in the freezer.

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