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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Nicoise Wraps

Its the last day of school year!.  The kids are going a bit crazy around the house ,  books getting sorted out , reports being given out and  plans for the holidays.  So the last thing you want to do today is cook.
I remember seeing this delicious wrap on the Hairy Dieter's Episode on TLC,  although now adays I hate the TLC channel, mostly dating shows and relationship shows and complete nonsense , I mean really a show called Undressed!!!! Wish our cable  tv providers   would get better  cooking channels  and educational channels.

Anyway, this wrap  that I have  for you is made by adapting the one I saw on Hairy dieter's I used Kopee Fai, a local green which is said to have the same taste as Kale. 

Recipe : Nicoise Wraps, inspired by  Hairy Dieters recipe

Serves 4

4 tortilla wraps, ( or roshi)
1 can of tuna, drained
1 large tomato, sliced into thin wedges
8-10 green beans, stringed and cut into bite size pieces and blanched
2 eggs, hard boiled and cut into wedges
8 pitted black olives
Koppee fai or baby spinach
A few onion rings
salt and pepper squeeze of lime juice
optional, a thinly sliced chilli

Flake  the tuna into a bowl, season with salt and pepper and lime juice, add the chillies if using. Set a side .

Take a tortilla or roshi or even chapati, arrange a few or half( if large) kopee fai or some baby spinach.

Add a few tomato wedges, onion rings, beans, olives , top with some of the tuna and  egg pieces.

Now all you need to do is wrap it up and Enjoy!!!.


  1. So how is the school year there? Here's it's April to March, with a break in July-August, while back home it's June to March... :) This sounds like a simple and easy meal too...

    1. We get the long break during mid november till first week of january, School year has two term with a 10 dayw break between the terms and a week's break for half term.

  2. woowww..!! its look so tempting.. :-)~

    julie, Malaysia

  3. A quick and delicious meal! I have never thought of using nicoise salad in wraps and now I can't wait to have a try!


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