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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Cantaloupe And Blueberry Smoothie

 I love smoothies and its the only way i can get some diary into me as hate drinking plain milk.The cantaloupe
 is a local produce so I feel good about it , the bluerries are good for you and then the milk gives the protein. It was only recently I learnt that smoothies not necessarily have to have yogurt, as long as its a nice thick drink with fresh fruits ,  a dairy ( could be milk or even coconut milk or yogurt) and sweetener.  Juice (especially the ones made on juicers or with blenders with built in strainers) on the other hand doesn't contain the natural fibres ( my hubby  is not a fan of juicers, says it takes away all the natural fibers found in the fruit.) .

Recipe : Cantaloupe And Blueberry Smoothie

150g cantaloupe melon cubes
1 punnet ( thats about 1 cup) blueberries
2 cups milk
sugar or honey to taste

Blend everything together  till smooth and serve.

Variation : use honeydew melon instead of cantaloupe.


  1. Sounds very tasty with berries and cantaloupe!

  2. I also prefer the blender to make my juices or smoothies... this one sounds really thick!

  3. Hi Nammi. Got your message and THANK YOU so very much for thinking of are so sweet and generous! But don't bring FOOD through friend last week brought some TEA, OLIVES and other food items...and wasted so much time at the airport, still all the food had to go to the garbage bin. :-((( lucky that she didn't get fined.

  4. p.s watched a travel channel yesterday and it was about Republic of love that clean beach and all the seafood! A really beautiful island, Nammi.


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