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Thursday, September 7, 2017


I love Lassi, which is a yogurt drink that is  served either sweet or salty. I like the sweet one so I made my lassi sweet.  I had my first authentic Lassi in Karachi Pakistan,  it was my first time  having dinner out with my sister and her friends and we went to this  road side shop,
I think there was tikka and naan and for drinks the guys ordered lassi ,so I was like I want one too! Ended up drinking two huge glasses  and the next two days I spent in bed with a raging diarrhea. Lesson learnt Lassi is delicious but never have them on the street side shop unless you have a strong stomach.

One recipe I saw on a pakistani cook book was that she used water instead of milk but I prefer to use milk instead

Recipe : Sweet Lassi

1 cup yogurt
3 cups milk
Sugar to taste

Place yogurt in  blender and milk . Add sugar to taste or you can add honey if you like.  Blend.  Its a thick  mix , Add a bit more milk  if you want to thin it down.

Chill and serve.

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