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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Iftar With Friends part 3

My last and Final round up for this series is specially for drinks and deserts.  I dont know about you, the first thing that usually comes to mind at the end of the fast is the need for something sweet. So ofcourse a delicious desert is a must at the table. Drinks are usually served alongside dates .
Got some delicious  desert and drinks recipes lined up for you, be sure yo click the links and check them out.

Recipes :  Drinks and Deserts
date lassi

Rafeedha from My Big Sweet Tooth shared two delicious drinks , which are not only delicious but healthy too ,  one is  Date Lassi ( click here for recipe)....
smashed watermelon drink

And the other is  a smashed watermelon  drink... recipe found here.
almond milk

Nisa from Flavour Diary shares a very healthy Almond milk recipe,  click here for the recipe.
strawberry slush

Huma from Gheza e Shiriin shares  a Strawberry slush recipe which looks really yummy and delicious. check it out here.

Ruxanna from  the blog From My Own Kitchen shares a semolina drink recipe,  this one is very similar to a drink we have here in Maldives,  but this one is made of coconut milk .  give it a try, click here for the recipe
banana and almond milk shake

Shabbu from Shabbu's tasty kitchen also shares a  healthy banana and almond milkshake .  You can  find out more here.

date fritters

She also shares a  very tasty date fritter recipe, which I think will make a great pick me up any time of the night when  ever we are craving something sweet.  Recipe found here.
bread kanafa

Sadia from Savory and Sweet, shares a Bread Kanafa recipe.It does look delicious doesnt it, click here for the recipe.
banana balls

Famidha from My Life In Yanbu ( if you are wondering where Yanbu is , its in Saudhi Arabia),  shares two delicious sweet dishes. One is  ripe banana balls, similar to our dhonkeyo kaju or banana fritters., recipe here.
Iraqi Halwa

And An Iraqi toasted rice Halwa recipe. Find out more here.


 Fajeedha from Faji's Hot pot, shares  a malabar snack called Kalthappam ( hope I got the spelling right!),  a delicious snack made of jaggery and rice. recipe found here.


Asma from Sam's Kitchen World shared a lot of recipes from me but since I had loads of recipes I had  a tough time choosing the best , for me this lebanese Muhalabia recipe was a winner, It looks so light and delicious and something you can easily whip up. So check the recipe here and many others in her  beautiful blog.

Finally , I have  Sawsan from Chef In Disguise who shares a lebanese desert called Madlouah, a delicious looking desert made of semolina topped with nuts  ,.... for this recipe and more easy and authentic middle eastern recipes check out her lovely blog  here

Hope you guys enjoyed my little collection, wouldn't have done it without the immense support from the ladies of the Muslimah Bloggers Group....  Have a Blesssed and Peaceful Month of Ramadhan , and remember its not  about the food, its  for cleansing out souls and finding peace.  


  1. wow these are some great treats, Nammi. Those date fritters are really great.

  2. Such amazing posts you have landed up during your series... you should have linked in some posts of yours too... :)

  3. Wow!Lovely collection dear..Thanks a lot for including mine too :)


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