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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Iftar with Friends Part 2

Part Two of  my Iftar with  friends , hope you are enjoying the delicious recipes contributed by the ladies from the Muslimah Bloggers group, a group founded in facebook to bring together Muslimah Food blogger from all over the world. In this part of  my Iftar with friends series, I have for you  savory lite meals , and salads.

Recipes : Savory Lite meals for Iftar ...

Peri Peri Chicken stuffed in crepe

 Shanaz Rafiq from Love to Cook , shared Peri Peri Chicken stuffed  inside a savory Crepe, where the  crepes are stuffed with peri peri chicken filling and it looks really delicious , click here for recipe

Rafeedha from The Big Sweet  Tooth shared a delicious  recipes called Harees, a slow cooked  whole wheat with  mutton  and then mashed till a porridge like consistency , she shares a quicker version using a pressure cooker . Click here for the recipe.

Yogurt and Chickpea salad

Fajeedha from Faji's Hot Pot, has  a salad   of chick peas, kidney beans and corn along with cucumber in a yogurt dressing. looks delicious, salads are good to serve during Iftar , its light and healthy but still filling. Click  here to view recipe


Famidha, from My Life in Yanbu ,shares this healthy savory pancake recipe called Jabeez.  you can click here to see all about it.

Huma from Gheza e Shiriin  second recipe ( first one is featured in part one)is a light noodle dish  called Kausey from Burma ,  ...... click here to learn more about it.

ABC Salad

Habeeba from Flavour Diary, shares this gorgeous salad called an ABC salad.  Its packed with healthy and nutritious veges and looks really good! Click here to find out more about it.

White Chicken Korma

Fareeha from Fa's Kitchen share a delicious white chicken korma recipe to try.  Will go perfect with any kind of bread or even rice .  Find out more  , click here!

Spicy egg fry hard boiled eggs

Ruxana from From My Own Kitchen  shares this very yummy Spicy egg fry hard boiled eggs, Now I love eggs in any form. This will be perfect as a snack or even as a side with a curry.  click here to get the recipe.
Dum ka Murg

Nusrath from FoodFactory shares this delicious  looking chicken curry ,  Dum Ka murg,  I mean really look at that rich gravy , I just want to grab some naan or any kind of bread to taste it...yummm. Click here to check  out the recipe here.

special oats ganji

Lubna from  Yummy Food shares this very healthy oats ganji,  a savory oats dish and I think its a great recipe to try for iftar as you need something healthy and filling before heading for Tharaaweeh , prayers. Click here for the recipe.


  1. I want to have some of those peri peri chicken crepes!

  2. JazakAllahu khair Nazeeha for this iftar collection. And also thanks a lot for making me a part of this event.

  3. Drooling collection of recipes. Thanks for including mine ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜Š

  4. Beautiful set of recipes... InShaAllah hope it will be useful for those looking for it... :)

  5. Love the way you have arranged the posts,lovely collection!


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