Monday, May 15, 2017

Iftar With Friends part 1

First of all , Iftar is the meal we have after breaking the fast. Since the Holy month of Ramadhan is about to start I wanted to do something different. Even though we fast during the month of Ramadhan,  the Iftar time is always a special time.  That is the time to break the fast at sunset. I am always on the look out for easy meals to make, snacks , desert and a main meal which isnt so heavy but still filling.
So I asked the lovely ladies of the  Muslimah Food Bloggers group on facebook  if they would like to contribute some easy kid friendly  and also budget friendly recipes. The response was quite overwhelming and unfortunately I couldn't fit in all  the  recipes so I  had to make three parts for my new series Iftar With Friends...   which are snacks, light meals and desert .
 So many thanks ladies, and without much further talk lets get cooking right.
In this post I have mostly collection of savory treats, light snacks , kid friendly recipes.

Recipes for Iftar : Part 1 , savory Snacks

First up, Shanaz Rafiq from Love to Cook has some really delicious looking bread rolls stuffed with mince and cheese , click here for recipe .

Shazia who has the blog From My Kitchen,  serves these delicious  succulent pieces of chicken stuffed with cheese. This one looks like its going to be a real crowd pleaser especially the kids, click here to view the recipe.

She also shares another recipe , Cheesy Veg Spring Roll, crispy spring rolls filled wih delicious vegetable and cheese filling. She has used Mushrooms and corn I think  you can use what ever vegetable you have at hand if you dont like mushrooms. Or even some chicken. Click here for the recipe.

Fajeedha from Faji's Hot Pot, shares two recipes , one is a keralan one , a rice dumpling stuffed with  prawns,  she says you can use  chicken as well in this. For recipe click here.

Asheera from Ashee's Cookbook has two kid friendly recipes. One is this really yummy pancake pizza balls made in  those cool looking pancake ball kinda pan but I am sure we can improvise and come up with something  using this delicious pancake batter filled with  pizza sauce, chicken and cheese. Click here to view the recipe.

And  her second recipe are these crowd pleasing and healthy oat coated chicken strips! I can see my boys devoring these in a minute! Click here to view the recipe.

Huma from Gheza e Shiriin also shared  some recipes, one of them my favorite, Chicken pakora,  crispy batter coated chicken, looks delicious doesnt it!. Click here to check it out.

Sadia  from Savory and Sweet Food, shared two recipes, a very delicious looking Chicken Bread Disc, recipe here....

And some Mini Chicken Puffs, both of which I think are great kid friendly recipes. click here to view the recipe

Shabbu from Shabbu's Tasty Kitchen has  a great way to use bread , instead of a dough to make  little pockets stuffed with a delicious chicken filling.  Click here to  discover how to..


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