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Friday, March 10, 2017

Manu Fidel's Tart Tatin

When the ladies at the Muslimah Bloggers group , on Facebook ,announced that this month's challenge for us was to cook something which we had kept scrapbooked  , the first recipe that came into  my mind was this tart tatin recipe by Chef Manu fidel which I had kept filed to try someday. I started scrap booking recipes when I was studying in Karachi, Pakistan.
When I moved to Malaysia  where hubby went for his studies,  I always bought  food magazines and after sometime I had a pile of magazines and my little guy was busy ripping through them. So I cut the recipes and  filed them in those clear holder files.  At first it was just one now it has become two, one for mains and snacks and  one for desert . One of my Favorite magazines is the Australian Women's Weekly Magazine. and Flavours Magazine.

Anyway this tart tatin recipe has been filed for sometime.  I have tried a couple of other tart tin recipes, and with disastrous results. The best thing about this recipe was that  he didnt use puff pastry but a home made short crust pastry. I used two kinds of apples, granny smiths and a red apple (forgot the name of it).

Recipe :   Slightly adapted recipe  of Manu Fidel's Tart tatin recipe (tart tatin de Maman) from Australian Women's Weekly Magazine March 2011 issue.

Short crust Pastry
250g  plain flour
pinch of salt( I used tablesalt)
1 egg yolk
125g butter ( slightly softened)
about 50 ml cold water

4 apples ( I used a mix of apples), peeled and  halved and cored
100g caster or regular sugar
( the recipe asked for vanilla bean , I didnt have any so didnt use any )
60g butter

First prepare the pastry, Sift flour into a bowl, with salt . Rub in the butter rill rough breadcrumbs and then make well in the centre and add the egg, and a few tablespoons of cold water. Mix till it comes together. Add more water if it looks too dry , it should be a just coming together , not a completely smooth but still a nice soft ball. Flatten it  a little wrap in cling film and place in fridge for 30 mins to 1 hr.

I didnt have an oven proof frying pan that was big enough to fit the said amount of pastry and apples so I used a  8"  baking tray.  Add the sugar into the baking tray and place it over a medium high heat. Keep an eye on it, so the sugar doesnt burn. By now the apples should be prepped and ready .

Preheat oven to Gas mark 180 degree C.

Once the sugar has turned a dark golden brown, add the butter quickly ( Manu added half the butter and the rest later)  and  swirl a bit to mix.  Remove from heat.

Place the apple halves , cut side up in the pan, fill the edges with small bits of apples so there are just about covered the whole pan.

Put the pan back on heat and  and simmer for about 5 minutes.  Remove from heat.

Roll the pastry  between two sheets of baking paper, Place carefully over the  apples, using the end of a spoon tuck in the ends between the apples and pan. Be careful not to touch the pan as the caramel will be very very hot!.

Place the baking pan in the oven ( middle shelf) , bake for 30-45 minutes till the caramel is bubbling and the pastry is cooked and golden.

Remove the baking pan, and let it rest for an hour. Carefully run a knife around the edge of the pastry and place a large serving plate on top ( becareful as its still hot inside). Holding the plate on top of the baking pan turn it over carefully but quickly .  According to Manu, you have to wait  for it to cook 1 hr before turning it  as the apples will stick to the bottom and you will end up with half on the pan and half on the pastry.

Serve  tart tatin with vanilla ice cream or custard.

Ps I later discovered this recipe on you tube, can check it out here.  Make sure you visit the rest of the  links below for more amazing recipes by the other ladies of Muslimah Bloggers.


  1. Tart Tatin looks amazing. I always get to see these kind of recipes but the very thought of turning them upside down scares me. But you make it sound so easy. I will try this someday. Thanks for the recipe Nammi.

  2. That's one of my favourites! Yours looks great, Nammi.

  3. I miss magazines :-( flipping through those glossy papers.. the last time I even held one was at a parlour back home last year. :-( Anyways, the recipe of tart tatin with two kinds of apples is looking really good. I am going to go and watch the video!

  4. One slice of that tart with a slather of custard... yum! Lovely choice...

  5. Tarte tin looks amazing. This is still under to try list.

  6. I love Australian women weekly!! Their recipes are amazing and the photography is breath taking
    You made a great choice for the recipe, in my book you really can't beat any dessert that has apples in it!

  7. This is something I have not tried ever before, which is what attracted me to this recipe. Looks so good and it looks amazing.

  8. Tarte Tatin is a wonderful dessert, I make it myself sometimes and everybody loves it. So easy yet so full of flavor.

  9. I have never baked a tart tatin...yours look fabulous...I love the golden color of the apples...
    I hope you are having a nice week Nammi :)


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