Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Srambled Eggs And Meat Toasties

My little guy makes a big fuss over eggs.He would eat brocolli , spinach and most vegetables but give him eggs?  there will be gagging and making faces during the meal.  I have done many methods to get him to eat eggs, so far I have succeeded with grating the boiled egg from egg curry in his rice before he sits down to eat,  fried rice with eggs, quiche , carbonara sauce.
Sometimes he would eat omelettes  but only if it comes along with  loads of luncheon meat which I am trying to cut down as they say  its not  good to give too much processed meat. When I showed him this , and told him thats what professional swimmers eat to get strong for their competitions , he almost collapsed LOL.

 The only way he liked his eggs is soft boiled , and worst of all , its the way the eggs are served in Kopitiams in Malaysia and  where the eggs  are just cooked and he can just stir it and dip his toast and no bits and pieces of egg for him to  really taste the egg. Now I can't make the perfect soft boiled egg (LOL). I promise him soft boiled and most of the time its halfway to boiled egg and there will be that gagging again. Thankfully  my little one loves his eggs!!  And makes its worse for his big brother by going "oooh Mumma made your favorite to day !",with a big cheeky grin on his face!

Anyway with all the egg drama  I wondered if I should try scrambling it, and maybe  add some meat and make a toastie.   The boys love toasties, so  last weekend  while the boys went for their bike ride with their father, I  made  these.  Scrambled some eggs, added  some meat using the meat from Al kabeer  Seekh kebabs,( you can replace with fresh sausage meat  I think) or opt it out completely and add some tomatoes and more fresh herbs. Added some cheese and just added on bread and toasted in those sandwich toasties. 
Well verdict? Its ok, but no gagging, so I guess its a good sign right?

Recipe : Scrambled Eggs And Meat Toasties

Serves 4

8 slices of  sandwich bread
4 eggs, beaten
2-3 spring onions, sliced
1 green chilli finely chopped 
3 Al  Kabeer Seekh Kebab ( I used beef)
Generous handful of grated chedder cheese
oil and a knob of butter
salt and pepper

Heat a teaspoon of oil in a small frying pan , and add the meat  ( tear the kebabs and drop bits of then into the pan and brown them.  Remove. 

Add an extra teaspoon of oil, and knob of butter and let the butter melt on a medium heat, bring heat down low. 

Add the beaten eggs and gently stir over a medium heat. Season with salt and pepper. You will notice it will start to curdle and as soon as it just starts to set, remove the pan from heat add the spring onions, chillies ( this is optional) and the cooked meat and mix well. Spoon the mix on 4 slices of bread  (  I like to butter the outside half of the bread, you can leave the butter out if you want it more healthy ). Place the other half of bread  on top.

Pop in to the toastie press ( I like to  heat it up first before using.) .   You can brown it as  per for your preference.  Remove and serve !.  


  1. its a nice combination..i love this types of filling in breads..

  2. Your little boy love greens, but not eggs? wow..that's pretty cool. My husband can't stand thoroughly cooked eggs either and he doesn't fancy omelette...well..I don't complain as long as he finishes all the SALADS I put on his plate...Your toasties look droolworthy and very satisfying, Nammi.

  3. Totally love how this looks! Delish ♥

  4. My kinda toasties! I love eggs in any form but he has so many specifications for each type! Lol! Like sunny side up should be flipped and cooked both sides! Now thats so not sunny side up😝

  5. My son would only eat egg whites... And no broccoli... or spinach (too green) :). But I think he would like these toasties!

  6. I too have problems with eggs at home, the elder one wouldn't touch it and the younger one used to love them, but now she is following her sister's footsteps. :/ These toasties look like a good lunchbox idea... am wondering, why don't I make this tomorrow for them, InShaAllah! JazakAllah Khair for sharing...

  7. perfect for breakfast or kids lunch box..looks yumm

  8. Delicious little toasties! I will eat them all up! :)


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