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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Kiruboakibaa 2 ( Coconut Milk Cake)

Last year I was introduced to this lovely blogger Huma who hosts an event each Ramadhan called Ramadhan -an event to share. Here a few muslims bloggers from all corners of the globe share experiances and stories about the month of Ramadhan and of course share recipes  that they love to make during the fasting month.

Last year I contributed Sago bondibai a sweet sago pudding which is made during the Eid celebrations in my home. For this year's  event seems even bigger as she has got so many new bloggers and I am honoured to be a guestpost for her for the second time around. 

My recipe for this year is  kiruboakibaa, a sweet coconut milk cake.Yes I have attempted and succeeded in making this delicious local snack before. I finally found a recipe from an aunt ( maternal side this time) who gave me an easier recipe , one which takes less time and energy to make. 

. But this time you have to head to Huma's space at Ghezaeshiriin  to check out the recipe. Click here to visit her space


  1. It sounds like a delicious dessert.

  2. Saw the post and it sounds delicious! I would love to have a bit into one of those pieces...

  3. The pieces tell how yummy the cake would be...hoping onto Huma's space for the recipe :)

  4. How yummy! This is something I'd love to try out. Thanks for the recipe, Nammi. ^.^


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