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Beef and Vegetable Quinoa Bowls

Do you know what I hate when I go shopping?  Rude customer care. I am not a clothes shopping person but I love shopping in supermarkets. I am always running over to this  store near my home , almost everyday as something always run out and as usual me in a  grocery store? , I always end up buying something other than what I came for. But in this particular shop I always come out feeling frustrated and annoyed.
 A few days back I decided to make some Bimbimbap and since I didn't have any greens of any kind I decided to run up and get myself some greens. Of course there weren't much , but some kale "spouts" were there (LOL), so I took some, and decided to by some veg ,which needed to be weighed. As usual no one was there to  weigh it .  I wondered if I should stay and time how long one of the  sales persons will show up but decided against it cos I know I would probably end up saying something I shouldn't.
 By then I had a few stuff in both my hands so decided to looked for a basket, and  nope no basket in sight!. So I walked back to the cashier and bumped in to one of the salesgirls , and asked for one. No smiles, nothing ! " they are over there" was the reply. When I told them there weren't any, she goes  blasting the expat worker( who works harder than most of them in that shop and is always very polite)  that he never does anything. By then  fumes were starting to come from ears. Had to grind my teeth shut. I mean seriously this is customer care?  I mean seriously ...... !!! And don't get me started on the missing codes, if you go to the cash register with something that has no code and then all hell breaks loose, they will start calling each other or rather bellows from one end  to the other " hey  whats the code I cant get the code!!!".  For crying out loud!!! I once decided not to go there but its kinda hard cos its  just next door .... I mean really wont you feel annoyed or is it just me?

Anyway, with my kale "spouts" , sorry cant help that one LOL,  I got back home...... Now after letting off a little steam, lets get on with the recipe right. Bimbimbap is a Korean one pot rice dish, which comes with various vegetables  and meat and chilli sauce and an egg on top, in hot stone bowl. I love having it in KL food courts when ever I get to visit there, its one of my have to have  foods when Visiting KL. But today I decided to go extra healthy by replacing Quinoa instead of Rice. Quinoa is a very healthy grain , which is very high in protein. I got  mine from abroad but  Quinoa is now available in Fantasy store in Male' City. I don't make it very often but now and then when I want to get the boys to get more protein I make something out of it. Thankfully  both boys enjoy it , and what I noticed about it , is that even a small portion is very filling.

Recipe : Beef and Vegetable Quinoa Bowls, inspired by the Korean Bimbimbap. 

1 cup Quinoa cooked in 2 cups water ( cook as cooking rice , check here)
Kale sprouts ( or spinach), shredded :  1 fat  clove garlic chopped, 1/2 tbsp  light soy sauce,, 1 tsp toasted sesame seeds
1 Carrot, juliened or  coarsly grated :  1 tbsp oil   1/4 tsp of grated ginger
2 green cucumbers : salt, a few drops sesame oil and 1 small clove garlic chopped
4 eggs
300g beef tenderloin  : 1 tbsp light soy sauce, a few drops sesame oil , 1 fat clove garlic, 1/2 tsp ginger,  ,pepper. 2 tsp toasted sesame seeds
oil to fry the eggs

Chilli paste ( I used a mixture of about 1/4 cup Maggie Chilli garlic sauce,  pinch sugar,  and 1-2 tsp  soy sauce)

First  marinate your beef,  cut the beef into thin slices after removing the                            . using the back of a heavy frying pan or a meat mallet, flatten the slices up ( after placing them under cling film).  Then  slice into strips.  Place in a glass or plastic bowl or  bag and then add the marinating ingredients , except the sesame seeds, and leave to marinate for an hour or two) .

Now while the beef marinates, get all the veg prepped and ready.

First the cucumbers, cut the cucumbers in half length wise and then slice thinly. Place in a bowl, add a pinch of salt and let it sit for 10 minutes. squeeze all the water out. Dress with a few drops of sesame oil and  garlic.

Put the Quinoa  to cook.

Get the beef out  , atleast 30 minutes before  cooking to bring the beef to room temperature.  Now heat up a large frying pan till smoking hot, add oil, about 2 tbsp let it heat up. Add the beef and stir fry on high heat  for 8-10 minutes. That's it you are done, taste add salt if necessary. remove to a bowl and then add the sesame seeds.

In to the same pan you cooked the beef , heat up and add another tablespoon or two of oil and add the garlic and kale /spinach and cook till it wilts and season with soy sauce and if necessary salt.  Finish off by adding sesame seeds, remove .

If there is enough oil left in the pan  add the carrots ( if not add an extra tablespoon of oil)  and ginger and saute' for a few minutes just to slightly soften them up. Remove.

Add more oil and fry the eggs, seasoned with a little salt. its best to keep the yolk slightly runny.

Traditionally this is served in a  stone pot, everything is assembled neatly on top of the rice and heated through so the rice gets nice crispy at the bottom. But since I didnt have any I used a regular bowl.

Add the Quinoa at the bottom of bowl, arrange the beef, carrots, kale and cucumber neatly on top. Add a tsp of chilli sauce, ( sadly I didnt have any authentic korean chilli paste), then top off with the egg. Serve warm.

My hubby claims he had to chew too much !!! but  it tastes pretty good.


  1. That good and tasty dish , MOOLTO very good! ComplimentiBacione Mirta

  2. I am yet to try Quinoa since I find it so expensive... but would love to try it soon... appetising bowls...

  3. Quinoa- hmmm I have seen it being sold like diamonds! :-P but I would rather buy diamonds! LOL! I think I can replace the quinoa with some burgul or broken wheat- goes super well with beef!

    1. Yeah its pretty expensive i treasure the little packet i have like as you say diamonds lol. Bulgur will b nice or rice

  4. Sorry to know that you had a bad shopping experience, Nammi. The gal possibly wasn't happy working as a shop assistant. Your quinoa bowl looks very tasty!

  5. Oh goodness that sounds very frustrating! What can you do when it's so convenient though? I would go for a few things. Good idea to use quinoa! It looks delicious - I never made it before but now I want to. :)

  6. Che bella questa insalatona!!!!

  7. I once went to a small supermarket in my hometown in Romania and the cashier literally starting screeming at me because I wanted to buy a chocolate, which didn't have the price stuck on it. She was like:"Why do you have to buy this chocolate without the price? Can't you take some other kind? I don't know the price! What am I supposed to do now?" And that in a shouting tone. I was 7 months pregnant, totally edgy so I really made a show in the store. Not that it help, still couldn't take the chocolate with me, but at least I felt better!

  8. So delicious and flavourful this is...looks very tempting


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