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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Quick Beef Stroganoff

Jamie Oliver was introduced to my family by my sister , who brought his second book The Naked Chef 2. At first I wondered why on earth does it say naked chef?  It was after some time I finally saw an episode of the naked chef and  thought wow this guy is different!. Unlike the usual chefs I have seen, he is messy, uses his hands and is full of life and should I dare say slightly bonkers, when he talks about food. But his books and recipes have changed our lives and even my mom has now started watching his shows and creating her own version of Jamie inspired recipes.
This beef stroganoff recipe is one that is found in his 15 Minute Meals Cookbook and show. I think its brilliant and absolutely delicious, and quick to prepare.  Since we get frozen beef  , I like to cut the tenderloin pieces to thin slices, bash them up and then cut into strips, this way it cooks faster and I wont have to worry about undercooked beef ( I have read Robin Cook's Toxin and like to make sure my beef is cooked through, esp when I dont know where and how the poor cow has been raised).

Anyway , I served this with basmathi rice. Since I didn't have any spinach I used frozen peas as a green , sometimes it would be brocolli .I didn't have gerkins so I made a little onion mixture  of onions, and lime juice.

Recipe : Beef Stroganoff, recipe adapted  from  Beef Stroganoff and rice recipe  from Jamie Oliver's 15 minute meals.

350g beef tenderloin
6-8 button mushrooms, sliced
1 medium onion, finely sliced
1 clove garlic, chopped
1/4 tsp chilli flakes ( I have to have chilli kick)
1  1/2 tsp smoked or sweet paprika ( do not substitute with chilli powder they are two entirely different tastes)
pinch ground black pepper
juice of 1 lime
4 tbsp  plain yogurt
about 1/3 cup milk
olive oil about 4 tbsp
To serve basmathi rice  cooked with  1/3 frozen green peas.

Place onions in a bowl, add a pinch salt and juice of 1 lime and squish the onions with your fingers so the onions go soft and release their juices, set a side. 

Remove any sinew and tough fat bits from the tenderloin.  Cut into 1/2 inch slices, place under a sheet of cling film. Using the back of a heavy   frying pan or meat mallet bash them up to flatten slightly. Remove cling film and cut each piece into strips, not too thin strips though. Season with salt and the said amount of paprika.Set a side.

Heat a large deep frying pan,  add 2 tbsp olive oil, and garlic, then add the mushrooms, toss and saute the mushrooms till they go soft.  Add the onion mixture and toss a few times and remove. 

Heat  the pan again , if there is no  more oil add the extra two tablespoons, add the beef strips and cook on high heat, stir fry very quickly, this takes just 5 minutes .  Don't be tempted to add water or anything liquid.

Return the mushroom mixture and toss to mix well. Stir in yogurt, and milk, bring heat down to medium and stir . Taste add salt and pepper. Dont over cook  or the yogurt  will curdle and don't add water . It happened to me you see, ended up a runny mixture not  lovely glossy gravy. 

Cook for  a further 1 minute and switch off,  Serve with rice and peas or whatever greens you have at hand.  Enjoy!

Linking this over to IHCC's theme for this week,  chef of the month : Jamie Oliver. Come over and check out what the rest of the blogger have cooked up.

Note : Its not easy getting Paprika in Maldives I get my supply everytime I go abroad, but I ran out of paprika, so I made a spice rub of tiny bit of  dried red chilli powder,  and 1 tsp  ground black pepper. Yes its not beef stroganoff taste but it still tasted delicious.


  1. It's about lunch time over here and this just makes me even more HUNGRY! So yum!

  2. I am feeling so hungry though there is still time for lunch!

  3. I almost always add red pepper flake when I'm cooking onions. The influence of Lidia Bastianich :) Great recipe and loved how you made use of your pantry to make it work for you!

  4. It's recipes like this one that make me miss eating meat! ;-) This looks like a wonderful dish to comfort and satisfy.

  5. Yummy creamy beef stroganoff is a real comfort food. :)

  6. Never thought beef stroganoff can be so easily put together. I am sold as I read the recipe and see how lovely your dish turned out.

  7. Hi Nammi,

    I'm a big fan of Jamie and his recipes too. This quick beef stroganoff sounds yummy!


  8. Hi Nammi,
    That is a delicious looking meal! And I like the changes you've made with what you had on hand!

  9. Your pic is so tempting. Looks tasty and flavorful.

  10. I LOVE him! You described him perfectly! This looks comforting and delicious Nammi!

  11. Jamie Oliver is such a character and you just cant help from falling in love with him.I love beef stronganoff. Such a delicious and comforting meal, especially when served over noodles. Yum:)


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