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Monday, July 13, 2015

Vermicilli Pudding

 Kamana ,  my sister is a really great cook, more like my inspiration to be a better cook. She is good in almost everything she does, and very artistic as well.    She is very  good when it comes to making  deserts. I prefer deserts that are easy and fuss free, although occasionally I might get the urge to spend more time on making a difficult one.
 This vermicilli pudding is one of my favorite deserts she makes and   she sometimes  brings over some for me, when she makes it.

Eid is just round the corner and this will make a lovely sweet dish to serve .....

Recipe : Vermicilli Pudding recipe adapted from my sister's recipe

100g vermicilli
1.2 L full cream milk
1/2 pandan leaf
6 cardamon pods, bashed up a bit
1 stick cinnamon (fonithoshi)
125g sugar
2 tbsp rose water
2  big handfuls raisins
2 big handfuls kanamadhu or almonds sliced
1-2 tbsp butter or ghee

Pour the milk into  large saucepan along with cardamon , cinnamon and pandan leaf,  and bring to the boil and simmer till it reducs to about 700 ml. takes about 45 minutes Stir in sugar, taste and add more sugar if you like.

As the milk reduces take a large deep frying pan and melt the ghee or butter.  Break the vermicilli into small pieces, and add this to the frying pan and stir till it starts to change colour. Add the raisins and nuts and fry for 1 minute or so.

By then the milk would reduce, just to check how much  is left,  strain into a measuring jug.  Add this into the frying pan containing the vermicilli nut mixture.  mix well, it will look like there is too much liquid but dont worry as the hot milk will cook and soften the vermicilli and thicken . Add rose water and warm for just a few SECONDS!!! and pour it quickly into a serving bowl and let it cool.

 Chill before serving .

Note : do not let the milk reduced too much as once the pudding cools the mixture becomes too dry and not very pleseant to eat.


  1. I love anything with vermicelli... this sounds so delicious and must have smelled amazing as well!

  2. I have never thought of using vermicelli in sweet dishes. What a fun and creative recipe!

  3. Looks easy and delectable !!


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