Friday, February 27, 2015

Kitchen Experiment : Pizza Cone

During our holidays, we spent a great deal of time in KLIA 2 airport. While roaming around to fill in the time before our flight to Johor Bahru, my  elder son suddenly got very excited and pointed to a food stall selling  , what looked like ice cream cones. We stepped closer to take a closer look to  find they werent the usual  ice cream cones but pizza cones..
 But we had to leave and so didnt get much time to investigate it. It was after returning home I decided to search the internet for it.  I came across moulds which were used to help to make pizza cones but decided to try  and make without using a mould by making cones using aluminium foil. To hold the  cones after filling it and to cook the cheese I used this  idea from this website , where  they made pizza ones  by using empty soda cans cut in half to hold the cones. ( yes I did consume a few cans of soda and juice to achieve this, not very healthy yes yes I know!!) .But I have to say with all the fiddling around  and a few messy results these turned out quite a winner. My boys and my niece and nephew loved them. They are quite portable and would make great treats for kids and adults.

So on a  Friday ( our weekends come on Friday/Saturday) , when I had hubby at home and in charge of the boys I  tried to make these fun pizza cones.

I wont be posting this recipe in my typical recipe fashion as this was an experimental recipe so I still need to work on the proportions.

So to make a pizza cones, first prepare the dough, I added a little flavour to my  pizza dough( inspired by the website,where I found  the pizza cones recipe), by adding some dried mixed herbs to my dough, which I made using my usual pizza dough recipe. 

While the dough was rising I made the tomato sauce, and pan fried some  chopped up sausages and onions and red peppers till everything was caramalized and delicious. Of  course seasoned with salt and pepper .

Then I made cones using  square sheet of aluminium foil, doubled up so it  would be stronger. lightly oil it with olive oil.

Now when  the dough had risen I  divided the dough into  a few  large dough balls , and rolled them  into a  circle and cut each in half.
well almost a circle

I wrapped  each half around an aluminium foil cone and  then  carefullly placed them , inverted on a baking sheet, not easy, very fiddly job as the cones kept falling down.  Popped the cones into a very hot oven and baked them  till nice and golden.

Once baked , took them out, and let them cool a few minutes ( I am impatient  didnt wait till completely cool) and then carefully  removed the aluminium foil.

Then I started to add the filling, according to a chef I saw on youtube, add a bit of cheese in the bottom to stop the filling and sauce from oozing out . then I added a dollop of sauce which I swirled inside so the inside gets coated with it nicely. Then I added the sausages mixture and finally topped with cheese ( a mixture of chedder and mozzarella).  I placed the cone inside the cut up soft drink cans so  they stand while  the cones are  placed inside the oven to melt the cheese.

Some of the cones got stuck because the end of the cone in some of them came off so the cheese had melted and  gotten stuck to the can. But still the taste was great and it was a fun thing to try. Maybe the dough need to be a bit well done ...?

 So  for those. who actually read these posts ,got any ideas for fillings I can try. Not pork products please.


  1. These are so cute and u do have a lot of patience for this :) Looks really good to me and nice idea...

  2. What a cool idea! They look very delicious too, Nammi.

  3. They look like a cute idea dear...

  4. Hi Nammi,

    This is absolutely clever! Maybe you have to grease the aluminium cone holders so that the dough won't get stuck on them :D

    I like pizza a lot with pineapple OR anchovies!!!


  5. Oh! I have seen this before, but never had a chance to is indeed very creative.
    Hope you are having a fun week Nammi :)

  6. Nice and innovative recipe, pizza cone :D


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