Friday, August 8, 2014

Accidental Trifle

During this past Ramadhan month,  my sister hosted a dinner party for her friends. My hubby and my sister studied together at medical school so they share the same set of friends.  So I chipped in to help make desert and and a pizza.  I decided to make this delicious flourless chocolate cake  by the fabulous baker brothers .

the perfectly made cake ( how my cake is supposed to look like)
I had made  this recipe a few times before and it was a really delicious cake to make. So I was pretty confident it was going to be a real crowd pleaser.  I used a regular cake pan instead of the  spring form tray which I normally use for this recipe ( bad idea for this cake) . After the cake was cooked , I took it out and decided to invert it straight away and it ended up a big pile of mess on the plate, half on the plate,  half still stuck to the baking tray!!.  My boys came running after hearing me scream (LOL).

squashed cake!!
 I ran upstairs to my sister no. 2, who is a better baker and cook , to ask for advice and she suggested I turn it into a trifle, using a fruit like pears . I rarely make trifle not my favorite desert ( too many components).. Hero ( her son) chimmed in " you just add cake , fruit , cream, cake fruit cream". It was almost 3:30 pm, ( shops close for late afternoon prayers) so I practically ran to the shops to buy a can of pears, I think canned cherries would also be nice.Thankfully I had a pkt of whipping cream . The desert  went down well, nobody knew it was squashed  cake.
So its a good thing I have sisters who  come up with lifesaving ideas or desert saving ideas :).

Recipe : Accidental Trifle  

1 chocolate cake ( I used this cake recipe for the cake ),cut into 2 inch cubes
6-8 canned pear halves, roughly chopped ( or slice )
6 tbsp pear juice from the can
250 ml whipping cream , whipped to soft peaks
1 small piece of dark chocolate ( I used a small bar of toblerone dark)

1. Take a large glass bowl, layer half the cake at the bottom. Drizzle with 3 tbsp of pear juice.

2. Add a layer of pears, then top with cream.

3. Repeat with another layer of cake, juice, , fruit and finish off with cream. Grate the dark chocolate on top, chill before serving.


  1. Wow..... Looks interesting and yummy!!

  2. Omg, accidental trifle not at all, irresistible trifle.

  3. lovely! sooo tempting.. Wish I could take it out..:)

  4. Now I have to bake a chocolate to make this gorgeous trifle!

  5. Hi Nammi,
    What a lovely idea to turn it into a trifle dessert! Looks yummy!

  6. Your trifle looks great...I love the addition of pears and whipped cream!
    Have a great week Nammi :D

  7. Pretty damn good idea, the pear give extra crunch and refreshing taste
    i once made a dissaster cracked japanese cotton cheese cake,
    i simply turn it onto a accidentally tiramisu in a cup cake and every body adore it, lol


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