Friday, July 11, 2014

Eggless Chocolate Mousse

Sorry for being away, got  flu ( well I think  something like that)  in the house. First hubby suffered for 2 days then I  had it now my little guy is having fever with runny nose. So apologies to my fellow bloggers for not visiting their blogs but will visit soon once everyone gets better.

I love chocolate mousse but have been hesitant when it comes to making them at home especially for the boys as it contains raw eggs. Then I found this recipe on Nigella Express where she makes this instant chocolate mousse using marshmallows and no eggs.
The first time I made this I used  the exact recipe but it turned quite bitter for my taste as she used dark chocolate and no sugar . So the second time I used a bit of sugar but still with the same amount of dark chocolate, the taste was better but the mixture ended up quite hard after sometime in the fridge. So I gave up trying to make it until recently my little guy asked me when I was going to make chocolate mousse again. Of course since the boys loved it I tried it again but this time I used dark and milk chocolate. The taste finally satisfied me , got a thumbs up from my little guy so thats enough satisfaction for me :)

Recipe :  Eggless Chocolate Mousse , recipe adapted from Instant Chocolate Mousse from Nigella Express.

Serves 3

65g milk chocolate, broken into  pieces
45g dark chocolate broken into pieces
2 tbsp castor sugar ( or grind regular sugar in a grinder ) ( optional)
75g white marshmallows
2 tbsp hot water
25g butter
200ml whipping cream
1 tsp vanilla essence

Place milk chocolate, dark chocolate, butter ,  sugar, marshmallows and hot water in a small saucepan. Stir continuously over a low heat till everything melts and becomes glossy. Remove from heat and cool .

While the chocolate mixture cools down, whip the cream to  peaks,  gently stir in the  cooled chocolate mixture into the cream . Pour into tea cups or little serving glasses  ( or a serving bowl instead of individual glasses ) and chill for an hour or two. Dust with cocoa powder if you like.  Serve.

Ps. If you wish to make more just double the amount.

Enjoy every spoon full


  1. Hi Nammi,
    Oh dear, I hope everyone is Ok by now. Having the flu is no fun at all!
    I do not make recipes with raw eggs either, and even do not allow my kids to eat cake batters or cake doughs! Better be safe than sorry!
    Your chocolate mousse looks divine, the perfect dessert indulgence!

  2. Your chocolate mousse looks scrumptious, Nammi. I am not a big fan of raw egg desserts either.
    Get well soon!

  3. Take care Nammi, eggless mousse are simply addictive,loving it.


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