Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fufoo Kandhi ( Sweet Winter Melon Soup)

This is one of my favorite desert drinks or rather soup.  Kandhi is a type of sweet soup that is made in Maldives. My mother in law makes it quite often, but it took me a few tries to master the recipe as I ended up adding too much water each time.  I finally made a decent kandhi following the instructions given by a sister of an aunt of mine ( My uncles' wife).
Once you learn how to make the base for Kandhi you can use all sorts of flavors. My mum in law has made kandhi using  plantains, pumpkin or a rather unusual one by using Jambu.  My favorite is Fufoo Kandhi or  Kandhi made with Winter Melon.  In the old recipes they use ground rice to thicken the  soup but I used corn flour instead .

Fufoo ( winter melon) comes in various sizes, there are huge ones and small ones.

Fufoo ( Winter Melon)
I used half  of one small one  , covered the unused half with  cling film and stored in the vegetable bin of the fridge and it stayed fresh for almost 2 weeks. Peel and remove the seedy core and cut into tiny cubes.

Cut into tiny cubes
I like my kandhi ,quite sweet but different taste buds prefer different tastes  so taste and add or reduce the amount of sugar to suit your taste.

Recipe : Fufoo Kandhi ( Winter Melon soup)

about 225g finely chopped Winter melon / Fufoo ( thats about 2 cups)
150g- 175g sugar
3" pandan leaf cut into strips and knotted ( makes it easier to fish it out later once its done its job)
6 cardamon pods, ends snipped
2"  piece cinnamon
1 1/2 - 2 tbsp corn flour
2 1/2 cups water
100 ml canned or packed coconut milk
2 tbsp rose water or a few drops rose essence

Heat a pan of water , bring to boil. Add the  chopped winter melon  and cook for 2 minutes . I do mean 2 minutes  not more than that. This is done to remove a slight bitter taste thats found in the melon. Remove rinse under tap water and drain in colander. Set a side.

In a small sauce pan, (one that will hold about 4 cups of  liquid), add 2 1/2 cups water  along with cardamon pods, cinnamon,  sugar ( add about 150g first then taste and add some more later )and pandan leaf.   Bring to a slow simmer, stir to dissolve the sugar . Remove 1/4 cup of the liquid. Add the  cooked winter melon/fufoo and simmer for  5- 10 minutes. 

Stir in corn flour to the    1/4 cup sugar syrup you  removed from the pan stir to  make  corn starch and add this  after 10 minutes to pan. Stir to thicken.  Takes about 2 minutes, Taste adjust sugar to your taste.  Stir in coconut milk cook 1 minute  over a low heat and finally  stir in  rose water. Switch off. 

Cool and serve lukewarm. You can chill and serve this as well. 


  1. Never heard about this........ Looks tasty ! Will try this sure.

  2. this sounds really interesting... cooling must be...

  3. nice recipe. sounds very interesting.

  4. A lovely dessert! I think that I would love it both ways, warm and chilled!

  5. I had this as a kid...miss winter melon!

  6. Quite a different soup, prefect for summer days.

  7. yum yum I love fufoo kandhi

  8. I have never had winter melon as a sweet...I love the idea of coconut milk and the rose water...so tasty and fragrant.
    Thanks for this delicious soup...hope you are enjoying your week Nammi :D

  9. Delicious sweet with winter melon, I have made only curries with them.


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