Monday, December 9, 2013

Creamed Buns

I know once you read this recipe you will probably think this is an insane one. But this is something that has been around our country for some time. Its basically a bun , a slightly sweet, yellow coloured butter bun  that is slathered with a sweet spread made of sugar , sweet condensed milk  and vanilla.
 The spread is usually coloured with food colouring usually a bright pink or green.  I used to eat this sometimes when I was in  girls school (thats grades 6-10) , the school canteen usually sold Maldivian snacks during break time, so those who didnt go home during break time ( yes the older ones were allowed to head home during the 30 minute break, the streets were quite safe with less traffic then),  would head to the canteen to buy some snacks to eat.  Its also available in some of the little street shops that sell  local snacks.
Anyway, I was craving something sweet and missed these little treats so decided to make some for the first time in my life.  I always bought them, never tried to make them myself.  The first time I tried them using icing sugar instead of regular sugar, but the taste wasnt the same. So this time I used ground white sugar.  To those who read my blog from  abroad try it on sweet dinner rolls .

Recipe : Creamed buns

20 sweet  buns ( I used Alcyon Bakery buns, those regular mini yellow buns)
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup condensed milk
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
a few drops or green or red food colouring

1. Grind the sugar till fine.  Place in a mixing bowl. Add condensed milk , vanilla, food colouring. Mix well.

2. Cut each bun in the half, spoon a generous mixture  and put the top on.



  1. A very tasty bun with cream filling Very nice.

  2. fun and love learning your cultural foods

  3. This is so different! Would never think to put something so sweet inside a roll like this. I bet it cures a sweet tooth!

  4. Its funny but as kids we dipped pancakes into condensed milk, but I would have never thought of putting it in a bun! Brilliant!

  5. Hi Nammi,

    When I was little, the sweet tooth me often eat condensed milk on its own :p I like the milky way you enjoy nice fluffy buns... they remind me of my good old days.


  6. love creamed buns... reminds me of my childhood days too :)


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