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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tacos Dinner Night : Tuna Tacos with Guacamole and Tomato Salsa

I am beginning to love and enjoy  Mexican food. It was until recently that I started to try Mexican dishes. Its also a great cuisine to try for kids, with recipes like quesadilla, tacos and nachos.  I have made  quesadilla often for my boys and my older one even takes them to school for lunch and would come home saying that the other kids were asking what it was.  I am still a little confused about some things such whats the difference between a tacos and fajita?

My taco dinner night was a success, even my little fusspot ( poor thing is suffering from a very severe cold this week) sat proudly holding his rolled up taco with guacamole and tuna filling although I didn't add the salsa for him.

Recipe : Tuna Tacos with guacamole and Tomato salsa

1. For the Tuna :  
 About 200g fillet tuna
1 tsp coarse ground black pepper
1/2 tsp coarse ground fennel ( dhavigandhu)
a few squeezes from french's Mustard.

Season the fish with a tiny bit salt. Spread lightly with mustard all over the fillet.
On a plate,  sprinkle pepper , fennel and another tiny bit salt and mix well, spread on plate and roll your tuna fillet so its all covered lightly with the mixture. Place on  hot non stick frying pan and sear on all sides. If you have a fat fillet , place in a moderate oven, about gas mark 3 , preheated oven,   for about 8-10 minutes. I want the fish cooked through but not dry . If its one of those thin fillets , check if the fish is cooked by slicing from the middle of the fillet, there shouldn't be any raw pinkness. But if you are one of those people who like raw fish,then by all means sear from all sides and leave a little pinkness in the middle but make sure you buy the freshest piece of tuna if eating raw. Cool once done, flake it into large pieces and place on serving bowl.

2. Flour Tortilla ( recipe adapted from Flour tortilla's from Mexico in My Kitchen)

For about 10  , small tortillas:
1 1/2 cups flour, sifted
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 cup vegetable spread ( I used Meadow Lea  spread)
Hot water

Place flour , salt and baking powder in a bowl, run in vegetable fat, then make a well in centre and add hot water little at a time, you will need  about half a cup. Knead to a smooth dough and leave to rest for 30 minutes. According to Mely its necessary to rest the dough and shouldnt miss this step.
Divide into small balls and roll  and cook on a non stick frying pan.  Flip and cook the other side.

3. Guacamole: 

1 avocado
1 small garlic, finely grated
small handful of coriander leaves ( only leaves), finely chopped
juice of  1 lime.

Peel ,and stone the avocado, mash into as smooth as you want or slightly chunky for texture. Mix in garlic, salt and lime juice ( taste as you mix you might not need all of the lime) finally stir in coriander leaves.  Spoon into serving bowl.

4. Tomato Salsa:

2 medium size  ripe tomato
1-2 spring onions, sliced or 1 small red onion finely chopped
1 green chilli finely sliced (optional)
lime juice
handful coriander leaves finely chopped
a few drops hot tabasco sauce ( my secret ingredient)

Place everything except salt and lime juice  in a blender ,  or food processor and pulse a few times. You can chop everything by hand if you like it chunky. Spoon into a bowl and season with salt and lime juice. taste to adjust the flavors.

5. Shredded lettuce

To assemble your taco, take a tortilla, spread generously with guacamole, top with tuna, then lettuce and spoon some salsa on top. Fold and enjoy each mouthful :).

Have Fun!!!


  1. Always have seen tacos with meat, but it sounds good with tuna :)

  2. Hi Nammi,

    I'm a big fan of Mexican food too. Your Mexican fest at home looks wonderful!

    Btw, regarding your query about quiche baking... Quiche that is made with milk is kind of "tofu"-like with more water content. I reckon the use of cream is essential to make quiches with nice cheesy texture. If you not fuss about the taste and texture, milk is of course a healthier substitution.



  3. Feel like inviting myself to your place, meat or fish i would love to come to your place to enjoy this fantastic food.

  4. Wow, homemade tortilla...look delicious and healthy these tacos with tuna....great meal Nammi.
    Hope you are having a wonderful week :D

  5. we can never ever have enough of these delicious tacos....lip smacking good and lovely food clicks :-)


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