Friday, August 10, 2012


Ramadhan is the time we make dessert quite often. You need something sweet  to indulge after breaking your fast. But this is not the kind of dessert you can make everyday because Mascaporne cheese is quite expensive, well here in maldives it is. But it is something you have to try at least once, becuase its sooooooooooooo goooooooooooood!!!!!!. Will impress your guests too if you are having a dinner party.

I couldnt get sponge fingers and my sister suggested I try with sponge cake. Being too lazy to make my own I used a shop bought butter cake and it tasted yumm. So go a head this is a perfect recipe to try especially if you are having company for dinner.

Recipe: Tiramisu  following the recipe from Complete cookbook by Mary Berry

2 packs of butter cake (each is about 500g) / or use sponge fingers if you have
125ml  boiling water
1 heaped tsp of instant coffee powder
2 eggs
65g caster sugar or superfine sugar
250g mascaporne cheese
300ml whipping cream, whipped till soft peaks are formed.
a small slab of  dark chocolate ( eating chocolate), frozen., this makes it easier to grate

1. Dissolve coffee in the boiling water and set aside.

2. Place eggs and sugar in a bowl, whisk till pale and thick, I  was a bit nervous about eating raw eggs so I placed the bowl over a  pan of simmer hot water over the stove and whisked like mad for like 1-2 minute, then took it off. 

3. Place mascapone cheese in a seperate bowl and stir in a little of the egg mix, fold in the egg mixture into the cheese in batches like this till the whole this is well mixed.. Next fold in the cream into the mixture.   Make sure you dont  mix too virgourously , gently fold it in,

4. Cut the butter cake into slices, thickness slightly less than  half an inch.  Arrange  some of the cake sliced in the bottom of your serving bowl, till the whole   bottom is covered with a single layer of cake, fill the gaps as well.

5. Drizzle the cake sliced with cofee, just enough to cover each slice. Then top with the mascaporne mixture. Then grate  some chocolate on top then repeat again   with cake slices, drizzle with coffee,, cheese mixture and chocolate . Finish with mascapone mixture and then grated chocolate on top.  With this recipe I was able to make 2 layers of cake in a farely large bowl. I know! I am horrible with measuring bowl sizes .
6. Refrigerate for 4 hours before serving, you want the cakes to soak up all the flavours and the cheese to set a little. Delicious!!!

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