Thursday, June 30, 2011

Custard Apple

Sorry for not posting  for a while. Have been down with flu, and now have got a terrible cough.  Havent touched the computer for ages.

No I havent  made custard out of apples , this is tropical fruit , some what similar to a sour soup but smaller and more sweeter. In our language its known as Atha
I have seen two varieties in Maldives so far, one has a  more bumpy skin  while the other is smoother with a very hard stem.  I am more familiar with the bumpy skinned one, which might not look very appealing to look at but once you pry the  fruit open near the stem you get this white  sweet flesh. Its got loads of black seeds which are not edible.

How we eat it?, well I like to scoop the flesh out with a teaspoon and just pop it in my mouth :) and then spit the seeds out.

Back home we even make juice out it ,  just scoop the flesh out, add a little sugar and then using your fingers mash it around and then pick the seeds out.  They come out easily when you add the sugar.  Then pour it into the blender  with some water and more sugar if you want, or you can add the sugar later, blend .  Serve chilled with come ice cubes if you like.

You can find out more about custard apples here or you can check it out  on this web page.


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