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Friday, November 12, 2010

Devilled Chicken

Everytime I go to my friend's house who lives here, her mum always has this made for get together's at her house :). She would have one or two spicy curries and then points at this and would go , this is devilled chicken.
 When you hear the name devilled chicken  you would probably think its very spicy and over the top dish but its actually very easy to make and has a slightly milder taste, and it depends on how much chillies you would add.  So I called her up for the recipe and she goes or its very easy you just add a little of this and little of that , the usual maldivian way of explaining recipes because our mums have been so used to just adding things without measurements its hard for them to explain how much to add exactly.

So here is what I came up with, unlike my friend's mum's recipe who used a whole chicken with the bones and all and had boiled it first . I used boneless chicken and with less gravy and it can all be done in one pot within less than 30 minutes, that is minus the marinating time.

for2-3 people

2 chicken breast pieces ( or 3 chicken thigh , boneless), cut into bite size cubes
1 large onion , cut into chunks and seperated
1/2 inch piece ginger ( pound to a paste or finely grated)
2 fat cloves garlic, pound or finely grated
2-3 green chillies , slit in half
1 large tomato, cut into large chunks
1/2  a green and 1/2 red pepper ( deseeded and cut into large chunks)
2 tbsp tomato ketchup
1 tbsp light soy sauce ( do not use dark soy for this)
about 1/2 cup water
cut the vegetables and chicken in same size for even cooking
1. Marinate chicken cubes with ginger and garlic and a little salt and pepper. Marinate for 30 minutes or about 2 hours

2. Heat wok or large pan , stir fry your chicken till the out side  is slightly turning golden but not cooked through. Remove and set aside

3 Heat more oil if needed and stir fry your onion till solf and translucent, then stir in your peppers and stir fry for about 2 minutes. Then stir in tomatoes and chillies.  return the chicken into the pan

4. Mix the water, and tomato and soy sauce and stir into the pan  and stir .  Bring to a boil and then cover and simmer about 5 minutes.  Remove lid  stir and add more water if the gravy is too little , you want a nice thick gravy. Taste and add salt if necessary. If the  sauce is too thin and runny, stir in a little corn starch ( a little corn flour mixed with a little water).

5. Serve with plain cooked rice and a green salad.

My little one is doing better now, thanks for all the ideas and support :).  Still slow but I have started to stick to little meals but good healthy snacks in between. Looking forward for a girls day out tomorrow at the salon with a friend , hubby has finished his exams and so it my well deserved treat ;) yay! Although I do feel guilty leaving the boys alone so have to fix a delicious lunch for the boys :)
Have a nice week end!!!

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