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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rice omlette

My mum calls me every morning for a little chat. Have tried to convince her to skype , email, or even msn just to cut down the cost but no she prefers to call rather than face the dreaded pc .  Recently she was complaining about left over rice , we eat rice for  the early morning breakfast  before the fasting day begins at dawn.  She said she had  made fried rice with it but still had to throw away some left over fried rice. 
So I told her this recipe of  hiding the rice in an omelette,  similar to a recipe I saw in an australian women's weekly of a noodle omelette. She got quite excited about it so am sharing this recipe with you :).

Serves 1

1/2 cup cooked , cold rice
1 small onion, shallot or a spring onion( white and green parts )

1 green chilli, finely sliced
1/2 cup cooked vegetables
1 sausage, chopped, or a small handful of salami, chopped, or a handful of  flaked canned tuna
2 eggs beaten
a big hand ful of grated chedder cheese

Note :  For vegetabes you can use, chopped carrots, beans, peas, sweetcorn kernels,  brocolli  and chopped potatoes, cook in boiling water until tender, dont over cook brocolli though. You can use prepared frozen vegetables which makes it easier if you are working or studying . You can even use left over fried rice instead of regular plain cooked rice and use less vegetables, and throw in some herbs like chives, parsley or coriander leaves.

1. In a mixing bowl , add onions, veges, chilli, ( omit chilies if making for kids),  and rice. Mix with a spoon.

2. Beat your eggs , and pour it into the bowl with the vegetables and rice. Season well with salt and pepper, be careful with salt as you will be adding cheese later so just add a tiny pinch of salt.

3. Heat oil in a small non stick frying pan , pour the mixture in and give a gentle shake to spr
 ead it out and even out the rice and vegetables. Let it cook, over a medium heat, covered. once the bottom is set,  sprinkle your cheese.

4. Now if you are one of those people who are good at flipping your omele
 te to a plate and then sliding it back in to the pan to cook the other side then please do so, I am not one of them :). So  If like me , just wrap the handle  if  you are using regular frying pans  that is , with foil  and chuck it into a hot oven for about 5 -10 minutes. till top is done.  Serve with a nice green salad or tomato salad and a prefered type of sauce, like tabasco etc.

Ps I am a stay at home mum,to all mums who are staying at home, dont you find it irritating when people go "oh so you are just staying at home, isnt that nice"  or " so you just play with your kids all day".It makes it sound like I dont do anything at home, just sit at home and twiddle my fingers.


  1. Oh this is such a wonderful idea! Thanks so much for sharing it. Well, it might cost a lot by calling you everyday but she just wanted to listen to your voice. Poor mom! Maybe next time, ask her to call on Mon, Wed & Friday, and then you call her up on Tues, Thurday & Saturday! hehe... Fair enough! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.
    Cheers, kristy

  2. That's a fantastic idea! Perfect for a school or work lunch box!

  3. i've tried omlettes with pasta, but never rice.

  4. it taste really nice, and nobody will guess there is rice in it unless you tell them

  5. What a great idea! I also love the tuna in it. It makes it very hearty and filling. Delicious!

  6. Very interesting to use rice in omlette...worth a try ...

  7. That's a great idea! I always seem to have left over rice.

  8. Thats a fabulous omelette, thanks for sharing..

  9. I've never had a rice omelette before - it looks tasty!

  10. first time in your blog delicious omelette never put rice in the omelette

  11. Peanutts...I absolutely love the idea...I am always trying to do stuff with left over rice...and this is just a perfect way :-) Love the omelette version ;-)

  12. Cool recipe..Never thought of something like this before :-)
    LOL at your last paragraph..Yes, dear you are not alone :D


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